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  • This game finally gives us an explanation as to why Samus's suit has near universal compatibility with alien tech, able to absorb them and turn them into suit modules: The suit is based on the X-parasite! It is able to process data organically like the X-parasites do. This is also why SA-X was able to reform itself out of the PIECES of Samus's old suit and why the SA-X was able to multiply. Even the colors are the same. The 3 main colors of X-parasite are orange, red, and green....the same as Samus's old suit. Orange body, red helmet, green visor (and often [[Tronlines]])
    • Jossed. Her first suit was designed by Mother Brain, while her main suit, the iconic Varia Armor, was actually an ancient war armor she earned in the Chozo Temple in Zero Mission, created centuries, if not millennia, before the Chozo ever encountered the X-Parasite. So much of Fusion's narrative regarding the armor fell apart once the origins of the iconic suit were established in Zero Mission.

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