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King Kyle will return.
Given the situation with Jane...

A siren or mermaid will be introduced.
As The Rival for Naila.

Lucikiel's ambitions.
  • He is seeking to become what Angmund was a hundred years ago.
  • May actually have a twisted form of affection towards his son and would try the We Can Rule Together approach.

There will be an even bigger Sweet Tooth than Ezekiel.
Any conversation between the two would be pure Serious Business.

A future character will be The Fatalist.
It would make an interesting contrast next to some of the other characters who often aren't exactly satisfied with what they've ended up in.

They'll introduce a playable (half-) manticore.
Manticores are a part of the setting and even brought up in Ezekiel's backstory. Besides, with mostly humanoid dragons like Neraxis and Laias already existing, it may not be a far-fetched notion.

  • Given that manticores are already notorious for having a human-like face, a werecat-like character is not beyond the realms of possibility. Just look at Gladi. In fact, such character could be an interesting Foil for Gladi.
  • Perhaps as an Archer, given that manticores are said to be able to launch their stingers with the accuracy of an archer.

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