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The series will end with Yasuna and Sonya having a battle, and Yasuna shall win
It was a philosophical battle, but Puppy-Dog Eyes did get Sonya to delay her contract that day.
  • But that was only the anime. The manga series is still going on.

Yasuna is the adopted child of Kirika and Mireille.
They did not train her how to kill people; but they told her at a young age what they used to do for a living. This is why encountering a child assassin doesn't surprise Yasuna at all. (That's what Mommies used to do!) Sonya's organization is not officially a rival to Soldats; but strong enough of an independant faction to make their school enough of a Truce Zone so that it was decided to be the safest place for Yasuna to go to school. One of her parents tend to watch from a distance to make sure nothing really serious happens.
  • They are not interfering with Sonya because it's pretty clear Sonya has no problems with what she does. Sonya also once killed a Soldats agent sent to the school to kill Yasuna; which is another reason she's tolerated as Yasuna's friend. (Sonya's organization and Soldats had very strongly worded diplomatic reactions to this to solidify the school's Truce Zone status.)
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  • Agiri has been hired to see if there's ANYTHING "True Noir" inherited or learned by Yasuna. Short answer: Long answer: Hahahahahahahahaha. She keeps testing because her superiors don't believe it and because it amuses her.
Sonya is Russian
She is clearly a victim of Phenotype Stereotype, her name is, while not common, used in Russia and, finally, there is opening music.
  • Alternatively, she's from either America or England.
Yasuna is Yui's (K-ON!) lost sister
Agiri spends her off-screen time
operating a beach restaurant.
Yasuna is an assassin using Obfuscating Stupidity.
This explains why Yasuna attempts to be close to Sonya all the time no matter how much she proves to be extremely dangerous. Sonya suspects this (but has no concrete evidence), causing her to find any small opportunity for an excuse to beat Yasuna up. She is just waiting for the moment when Yasuna's assassin self-defense training kicks in and proves her status as an undercover assassin.
  • Yasuna IS rather resourceful throughout the series.
    • And than there is the episode 11 ending art.
  • Now the only question that remains is: Is Yasuna trying to kill Sonya or save her?
Yasuna is immortal.
In one of the episodes of the Anime (Chapter 4 of the manga), when walking to school Yasuna slips on some ice and accidentally yanks Sonya's scarf, to which Sonya punishes Yasuna by yanking her scarf up the branch of a tree, thus hanging her. And yet she walks around school as if nothing has happened. Now, to further support this theory, let go the the Manga, specifically, chapter 59: In which Yasuna tries to move Sonya by showing her a Sakura blossoming and says "If you're not moved, I don't mind being buried under the tree." Well enough,Sonya holds her to her word. And yet in the next chapter Yasuna is back unharmed, despite the fact she couldn't dig herself out. And lastly, if Yasuna was mortal, would she really make such a bold statement like that? More importantly, would she keep coming back to Sonya if there was such a great risk. There are many times in the anime and mange were Yasuna is rendered unconscious, but what if she actually gets put into her equivalent of death only to come back to life moments later. This form of immortality also gives Yasuna a healing factor, which would allow her to recover from her injuries quickly.
Yasuna and Sonya have growth disabilities.
If one where to compare them to the assassin from episode 4, Yasuna and Sonya only come up to about half his height. Where in the real world, a high school student who has normal growth abilities would be almost as tall as, if not taller than, most adult figures.
Yasuna is actually a Yandere
Judging by the fact that she wants to be with Sonya all the time, this seems pretty credible.

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