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You should not be reading this page if you have not played the game, or at the very least read through the Darth Wiki entry.

It contains open discussion of spoilers, especially if you have only came here from the main entry without going to Darth Wiki first.

The Ghost of the Murdered Bunny is Possessing Irisu
This explains the glowing part of the red-on-black theme, as well as why the tortured bunny in The Stinger from Metsu has red eyes. It also explains why Uuji — who killed the bunny in the first place — can see the red eyes in his dreams — the bunny's spirit wants revenge on him more than anything, but he's too insane to be affected directly.

Because the bunny's work is done for now via Irisu...
She will kill herself, because she feels guilt-wracked and has no other reason to exist anymore, and the bunny's soul will go on to possess Uuji, as he is the only other person who can see the eyes. What will happen next?
You decide!

The Game finally ends with Irisu realizing what Uuji did
This explains the black-on-red eyes stinger (gained at hitting 50k points in the original mode), as well as the Slasher Smile hidden picture (gained at 100k points after unlocking everything else) in Metsu. Both games represent Irisu spending time trying to calm herself down — it's reasonable to think that given enough time, she would puzzle things out and realize what happened — especially if she remembers Uuji from elementary school.

What the hell is on Uuji's arms?
Mentioned specifically in his diary — he wears sleeves even in summer to hide something. The obvious answer is he is hiding the bruises he has continually gave himself since murdering the rabbit.
  • Or of course, knife scars from cutting himself. He does want Irisu to kill him, after all.

For those who don't know, the character Reisen Udongein Inaba can use her eyes to drive people mad. Now Reisen is a nice person...err, moon rabbit, so the question is why she's causing Irisu and Uuji to act that way. It's probably because the dead rabbit was one of Tewi Inaba's bunnies, who was kidnapped and then killed, and Tewi has "convinced" Reisen to try and get revenge for her.

As a corollary, if Irisu and/or Uuji go after Chen, they'll probably be looking down the wrong end of a pissed off kyuubi or worse, a gap full of eyes, courtesy of Yukari Yakumo. That's probably what Tewi will try for next...

Irisu was a Magical Girl. She had become a Witch by the gruesome end.

Tell me that picture on the Darth Wiki page does not look like a Witch. Maybe a Witch of Happiness, to increase irony.

  • My vote would be on a Witch of Friendship for super irony. The game is her barrier, with pictures of the dead amigos in the background instead. Her wish was to get close to others, which is why she was against killing everyone at first.

The rabbit was the reincarnated soul of Natsumi Andou.
You see, as Natsumi served her penance in hell, she was able to reincarnate, but her bad karma made it so that she was unloved except by one Kyouko Irisu. Now with regrets in this world, Natsumi's soul continued to haunt Irisu after her death. And once they met each other again, Irisu left out while Uuji was still alive? Natsumi wasn't going to let that fly. For those unaware, right click and play the flash again once it says "End".

The cat and the rabbit were actually friendly with one another
And the cat was licking the rabbit's remains out of affection and sadness. Which would make Irisu's hatred of cats all the more tragic.

  • In real life, cats do often clean each other's fur with their tongues to show love.

Irisu is a medical student.

Because, a) it would be hilariously ironic, and b) during one of her monologues, she casually references the medulla oblongata (a part of the brain) and sympathetic nerves. It's unlikely that someone not in the field would remember those terms, let alone use them accurately.


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