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Fridge / Irisu Syndrome!

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Fridge Horror:

  • Evidence of Irisu appears in the background of some pictures - her ears are in the background of the first CG, and her sock is laying next to the group in the second.
    • The main menu's Irisu picture. Notice how she's only wearing one sock, carrying the other, and the heel and toes are blood-red? With no explanation whatsoever (until you unlock Metsu)? The Irisu in this image is in the process of murdering the ¡Three Amigos!.
    • The 100k Stinger has one. It's not an X with eyes below it. IT'S A RABBIT LOOKING FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!
      • From Bad to Worse: Uutarou is the name of the bunny that was killed when she was little. U-tarou is another way of writing Uutarou. The black bunny image? U-tarou.png!
      • In fact, just look at the title. The very last character has a bunny with unnervingly red eyes. But that's not the main focus right now. Look at the exclamation mark right next to it. Notice how it looks like Irisu's sock straightened out? The same sock that she uses as a murder weapon?
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    • For some more fun, look at what happens when you mouse over the bunny in Metsu Mode's menu. Now look at the bunny suicide picture. The ¡Three Amigos! are screwed. Just according to Uuji's plan.
    • Now that the English fan translation is out, just about everything. Bonus points for the normal-mode song titles, which are all descriptions of things that someone who is well, WELL past the Despair Event Horizon might say. "About 10 Hours Looking at the Ceiling," "I Didn't Talk to Anyone Again Today" and "Zero Communication".
  • Irisu plays the game to mentally try to calm herself down. Then she sees the pictures of dying rabbits in Uuji's notebook in the true ending of the normal game, which then offers the hint to Metsu. What does Metsu stand for? Destruction, among a few other variations, which makes sense thanks to the mode completely screwing with the rules and making the game far harder. Irisu is mentally breaking down even worse than before and even her little game that was helping her has become a living nightmare to manage.


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