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Tsuruya is a Humanoid Interface of the Sky Canopy Domain
She's the anti-SOS version of Ryoko Asakura. She's obviously from a different(and nicer) faction that Kuyo Suo however. There are some parallels between the pairs of interfaces.
  • Both pairs have a Genki Girl (Asakura/Tsuruya) and a Quiet One (Nagato/ Kuyo Suo)
  • If you believe (fairly well supported at this point) WMG that Asakura was originally the primary interface than Tsuruya could be the primary, with Kuyo Suo as the backup.
    • That would mean both backups tried to kill a brigade member.
    • Both backups seems to different approaches from the primary also
    • Both backups rebelled. Even if Tsuruya is the backup, she could be rebelling by helping the SOS brigade.
    • Considering how alien the Sky Canopy Domain is, it's not clear Yuki would automatically detect her as an interface. Especially if she didn't want to be found and could pass as human(Suo is obviously odd).
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    • It's also possible Yuki knows this and just hasn't said anything as Tsuruya hasn't been dangerous. And Yuki never volunteers information without a reason.
    • She's the only character other than the Humanoid Interfaces to have an unnatural hair color. So...
  • Probably the best evidence is that Tsuruya neatly avoid the incident at Snow Mountain. Almost like she knew it was coming
  • The "Itsuki guesses she is off having her own adventures" evidence in the Writer God section below is not something uniquely stated in the series. Kyon hypothesized something similar about another character in the same volume that Tsuruya first showed up in. Yuki.

Tsuruya is a different "Writer God", who doesn't interfere with Kyon and Haruhi.
In the novels, Itsuki comments that she's very mysterious; it's possible she's running around having her own adventures with fantastic beings different, separate from the groups that Kyon is involved in. She herself comments that she's a "Cameo Appearance" in the movie that Kyon and Haruhi made; all of the elements within turned out to be real in a fashion. In the novels, she has joked that the
Masquerade that Kyon's explanations provide isn't particularly effective, but also, that she's not going to get involved besides being a very amused spectator. Kyon never acknowledges her saying this.
  • It would seem Tsuruya's adventures (based on an off-hand comment) involve Espers, Aliens, and Precursors with super-advanced technology. She "shares" the Aliens and Espers with Haruhi. Note the interesting discrepancy, in the Kyon/Haruhi verse, the Precursor Technology concept would completely conflict with their current "definitions." Therefore, she avoids direct interaction in order to prevent an Armed with Canon situation (between gods) that could damage reality. Kyon's willful rebellion to the Time Travelers in unearthing the Out Of Place Artifact could have significant results metaphysically.
  • Alternatively, Tsuruya is in fact part of the anti-SOS brigade as the Evil Counterpart to Kyon. Note the goal of Fujiwara, the Counterpart to the time travelling Mikuru, is to make time travel impossible, and as a character, he shows utter contempt for all aspects of it. Sounds like a character created specifically with Armed with Canon in mind, don't it?

Tsuruya is a Mad Scientist, or at least the daughter of one.
Well, we already have a regular powerless character. Mad scientists tend to maniacally laugh at any time, and also Tsuruya has a connection with Asahina. While it's probably true that she's not from Mikuru's time (She said so herself, although she might be lying) her tendencies could have attracted her to Mikuru. Plus, Time Travellers and Espers in this show are not super obvious, so why would Mad Scientists be any different?
  • Plus, she's got a pretty big house, so she's probably rich. Also, her family DOES have ties to the Organization, perhaps providing them with technological support. It would also explain the buried futuristic stuff in the mountain
Or maybe...

Tsuruya is a Vampire
And since she's immortal, Mikuru knew her in the future. That stuff about vampires dying in the sun is crap anyway.
  • And after all, she appears to be undead in the movie. If the cat can talk because of Haruhi, then how do we know Tsuruya, Taniguchi and/or Kinikida weren't changed also?

Tsuruya is a devil, or the Slider herself. Heck, she might be God!
It wouldn't make sense on how she is a normal person besides Kyon in the SOS Brigade. Also, she has alternate adventures of her own, indicating that she might know how to work on different dimensions, and maybe she's hiding her powers to not cause a dimensional collapse (or maybe she doesn't even know that she has such powers). She could be the devil that Haruhi searches for because her general appearance reminds of a demon girl, and just because she laughs too much at the most meaningless things, like a trickster devil. Maybe all the plot is a plan by her, to make people think that Haruhi is God.
There are no sliders because Kyon hasn't met them yet
Specifically, because he hadn't met them yet in book two, when he went back in time.While talking to Haruhi, she asks if he thinks Aliens, Time Travellers, and ESPers exist, and he says yes to each. She then asks about Sliders, and he replies "I haven't met any yet". Since this was more or less the point when Haruhi recreated the universe, there being no sliders is actually part of a Stable Time Loop in itself.For a slider to come into existence, Haruhi will need to recreate the whole universe again, or at least create a separate universe that they can slide from

Tsuruya is immune to all forms of mind control
The characters in the "Adventures of Mikuru Asahina" are all similar to their actors. When Yuki brainwashes Tsuruya and the other two, Tsuruya's dialogue clearly shows that she is only pretending the be controlled and thus the real Tsuruya must be immune to mind control.

Tsuruya is God
And she has put Haruhi in control for the lulz. It worked.

Tsuruya is completely normal
...and created by Haruhi, most likely subconsciously. She was given all sorts of odd qualities and has an unusual sense about her to make Kyon wonder about her. Tsuruya was made to be the mystery that no one could solve.

Tsuruya is a time traveller.
And also, one of Mikuru's superiors. As shown in The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya, or the anime at least, Tsuruya shares the same ignorance towards modern technology ("Is this what video cameras are like there days?"). Also, in the novels, Tsuruya knows quite a bit more about the SOS Brigade than it appears.

Taking in consideration the example above ("Is this what video cameras are like these days?"), Tsuruya could actually not been from the future, but, in reality, she could not have updated herself technologically-wise, and may still be in an 80's mindset. If she's 40, 400, or 4000 years old, it's up to the reader. The reason could be either because she's a demon, or because she's plainly an extremely advanced robot, like Maria.
  • This fits in nicely with the above Vampire WMG.
  • Totally agree! This occurred to me about Tsuruya as well. She continually acts like long-lived character types you see in other animes, movies and television shows. The "is that what [they] look like these days?!?" is only one example. She's confident, raucous, behaving almost like Doctor Who in a new time zone just living it up like a tourist. If Tsuruya is not a vampire, then she is some sort of immortal (Highlander anyone?), long-lived creature taking human form (dragon?), or spirit taking on human form. Since its a Japanese show, she might even be akin to the Kitsune who can take human form (although they usually have some strange physical trait that remains like... cute little fangs!)

Tsuruya is the slider
Because someone has to be, and we all know that Tsuruya is hiding some sort of secret.

Tsuruya has a physically identical twin.
Haruhi knows that every show will at some point have a reason for twins and as such made the universe prepared, with an identical copy of Tsuruya who acts far more mature than her sibling. Because everyone's on a Last-Name Basis with Tsuruya, no-one can tell the difference until they're both in one place. Since Kyon's only had one serious discussion with Tsuruya, he's only met the serious twin once.
  • Now I have this mental image of Tsuruya as Alpharius

Tsuruya is a Yakuza Heiress.
How has this not been suggested yet?
  • Better yet, she's a Sonozaki. It makes sense. We don't know her last name. She's rich, and we have no idea where the money comes from. She has green hair. If either Shion or Mion gave birth at 19, the timelines would match up.

Tsuruya is like Kyon, whatever he is.
Technically this needn't disprove her being a Slider. Kyon's "slid" enough through dimensions despite seeming to be the normal one of the SoS Brigade. Technically, all of those times were effectively against his will originally.

Tsuruya is mysterious and has her own goals and background. She apparently knows enough to repeatedly as of volume 7 to tell Kyon "We're the same thing. Not like them". Borrowing from above, Tsuruya in the movie states she is only pretending to he mind controlled. What character has been practically immune to every dimension rewrite or noticed odd things? Kyon. Tsuruya's role balloons greatly in the same novel we are introduced to the anti-Mikuru, anti-Koizumi and the story after we see the first hints of the anti-Nagato.

This doesn't mean she is the Anti-SoS Kyon. She could be a rival Writer God to Kyon's True God WMG. If Kyon is a reality anchor, Tsuruya could be another who is aware enough of her nature to attempt to remain untethered to Haruhi.

Tsuruya is a government agent
Tsuruya is working for the Defence Intelligence Office DIO [Jouhou Honbu] or the National Police Agency [NPA - Keisatsuchi] in a sort of "X-Files" role. The Japanese special intelligence services long ago detected anomalies occurring at North High and around Haruhi Suzumiya and inserted Tsuruya as an agent to find out what is going on. As there is nothing really "weird" about Tsuruya, other than being a government agent, Haruhi did not subconsciously drag her into the SOS Brigade - although Haruhi tolerates her as an "associate member."

In this guise, Tsuruya is probably older than a High School student but just has a younger appearance. This makes a lot more sense than her being so fabulously wealthy. She is supposed to be so wealthy that her family owns numerous houses and even numerous ski resorts. There is no way that an heiress with such a background is going to be attending a broken down prefectural school! An heiress of this level would be in Eaton or something.

On the other hand, as a government agent, Tsuruya would have access to facilities to bring the SOS Brigade to for observation and study under the guise of having her family "own" them. Another giveaway is the skillful and police-like questioning Tsuruya often subjects Kyon to. She's trying to play the "good cop" and claim not to really care what is going on as long as Kyon takes care of Mikuru. However, she skillfully questions Kyon to let him know that she knows good and well what is going on then backs off, trying to draw him out. Tsuruya being an undercover agent would also explain her combat training abilities (alluded to in the movie and shown to humorous excess in the Haruhi Suzumiya-chan spinoff cartoons).

Tsuruya is a manifestation of Haruhi's subconcious.

In the same way that Yasumi was created to save the brigade from that particular crisis, Tsuruya in there for a more permanent kind of support.It has been stated that the Tsuruya family is strongly linked to Koizumi's Organization, wich in turn provide for a lot of the Brigade's adventures.She protects and gives moral support to Mikuru, so Haruhi doesn't feel guilty about abusing her.She blatantly flirts with Kyon so as to express Haruhi's feelings, but never seriously because Heruhi wants him for herself.Koizumi mentions that Tsuruya may be having her own adventures offstage, wich would satisfy Haruhi's fancy for great adventure without cutting into the brigade's time.The similitude between them is explicitly and frecuently metioned. She supports all that Haruhi does, but stays out of the limelight because Haruhi has given her a secondary role (She didn't even want Yasumi to join, but she was forced to allow her in because it was part of the mission to save her friends).Tsuruya is also a filthy rich genius that could go to the best schools in the world and yet attends a crappy prefecture high.Kunikida admits that he only went to north High to meet Tsurya and he was the only friend of Kyon's in high school before the Brigade, thetefore Haruhi broght him to keep Kyon company.As Haruhi comes closer to coming to terms with herself and her power, Tsuruya starts having a more explicit role, providing the treasure map and the cabin for the Snowy Mountain Syndrome so they can have fun and becoming closer to all the gang, but always staying in the sidelines and refraining to question anything, since tht's not the job Haruhi gave her.

Tsuruya and her family are youkai.

Her comment on video cameras and her unusual strength just as easily lend themselves to youkai longevity and power. Furthermore, it would explain her simultaneous delight and disinterest in things such as espers, aliens, and time-travellers. If she's been a teenager for dozens or hundreds of years, of course she'll be glad of the novelty they provide. But since she herself is a fairy-tale creature, she's hardly desperate to be included in the paranormal world.

  • Her family name is spelled with the character 'tsuru' meaning crane; it's possible that's her family's type. This is further supported by her own 'bird-brained' behavior.
  • If she does come from a clan of youkai, that meshes quite well with the image of the yakuza Tsuruya family and the business magnate Tsuruya family.

Tsuruya is a mostly normal human that naturally attracts and is drawn to supernatural entities
Tsuruya claims to be a normal human, she is implied to have adventures of her own and Haruhi wanted to be someone like that but can't since she is God so she would probably have given that role to at least one person (Kyon doesn't count he only meets supernatural beings directly involved with Haruhi) and she would be most likely to give that role to someone with a similar personality. Haruhi and the people watching her are only some of the supernatural beings Tsuruya knows and she knows what the rest are. if Haruhi ever decides to let herself learn about the supernatural the first thing that will happen is that she will discover that Tsuruya has some very interesting friends.

Tsuruya's full name is Tsuruya Tsuruya
Everyone calls her Tsuruya-san no matter how close to her they are except Haruhi who calls her Tsuru-chan. It seems unlikely that Tsuruya would expect anyone to use her surname and it seems a bit odd to be close enough to call someone something as casual as Tsuru-chan but be unwilling to use someone's given name. Having an odd name like that would suit an odd person like Tsuruya.

Tsuruya is a Flame Haze.
After finding out Noizi Ito had connections in creating the designs of both this series and Shakugan no Shana I cannot help but think they are connected beyond that. Soon Haruhi will realize that she wants to find another being beyond the aliens, time travelers, espers, and sliders...

Tsuruya is a Goddess but not the "God" Haruhi is theorised to be.
She's a Goddess from Greek or Roman mythology. Possibly she's Thalia, one of the Nine Muses and the Goddess of Comedy. Thalia is also the name of the Goddess of Celebrations and rich, luxurious banquets. It would somewhat explain her unnatural hair (as nobody else has dark green or ankle-length Rapunzel Hair) and why she's The Hyena if she's the Goddess of Comedy.

Tsuruya is Santa's daughter.
He's "a jolly, happy soul", and so is Tsuruya. She's also got such a big (oddly empty) house, maybe the elves that make the toys live there and cleared out the house before Tsuruya came back with the Brigade.

Tsuruya is a fellow ESPer.
She's part of Itsuki's Organization, possibly even his second-in-command.
  • Itsuki himself mentions that the Tsuruya Clan supports the Organization financially. Why would they do that unless Tsuruya's parents knew that their daughter was also part of the Organization?
  • Why would a daughter of such a powerful family go to such a lousy school, unless she either was under orders from the Organization, or volunteered to go, in order to keep an eye on Haruhi?
    • It's stated explicitly that there are multiple TFEI Interfaces watching Haruhi; why wouldn't the Organization have additional espers watching her as well? (This would also explain why Itsuki transfers to North High—Tsuruya needed him to come and interact directly with Haruhi so that her cover wouldn't be blown...)
  • For that matter, how else would she know that Asahina and Nagato were anything other than normal students, unless she were already "in the loop"?

Tsuruya was didn't exist before Haruhi reset the Universe in episode 6.
That's why she chronologically does not appear till episode 7.

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