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If Kyon is God of the Mo! World, Taniguchi is God of the Do! World
  • I mean, the placement of characters at Kyouken or North high make more sense from his perspective than Yukis- who seems to be in charge of the world
He thinks Koizumi is creepy, so it'd make sense to move him awayHe obviously likes Mikuru, so would keep her moeness aroundHe liked ryoko, too, so it made sense for her to be brought back to their schoolHe thought Haruhis temper and personality were bad, and she is nicer and saner in this universe, too.And he does care about Kyon, and would keep him as his best friend too.
  • Maybe he got the flu because of it?
  • It'd also explain how his and Kyons data got so mixed up Kuyouh confused him for Kyon so easily
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  • And Yuki has called him 'interesting' after the Do!Incident.
  • itd also explain the fanservice in the Yuki chan series!
Alternitavely, Taniguchi is the data thought entity
  • this would explain how he helps out 'on accident' quite so many times.
Being so near to the door when data is corrupted during the fight with ryoko,Keeping Kuyouh busy for four monthsAnd also why he's never sick or cold in the mo! Universe, where he'd be the entity, but is in the Do! Universe, where he'd be human.
  • and they ARE all hot girls!
The boy in Disappearance post-credits is the same boy Haruhi is tutoring
  • Jossed- she is tutoring the bespectacled boy

Every single person in Haruhi's class, except for Kyon, is an alien, time traveller, slider or esper.
They introduced themselves as such, but Haruhi wasn't listening, per previous guess. When she called out for paranormals afterwards, everybody was offended that she'd previously ignored them and didn't respond to said call.

None of the characters are a physical god.

Instead, the non-physical god is following Haruhi around to help her get over her issues. It's trying to set her up with Kyon because it thinks that will help her, and because she likes him.

  • So what will happen when she touches her Death Note again?

Sakanaka is the true god of the series.
Simply because nobody would suspect such a minor character as being god.

The Alpha/Beta parts of Volume 9 are the result of Kuyou Save Scumming
The key bits of evidence that supports this theory both come from Snow Mountain Syndrome. First, Kuyou (and/or the Sky Canopy Domain), as it has been revealed, is responsible for the whole shabang. Second, in both situations, Nagato becomes weakened and Kyon considers momentarily to use his trump card should it come down to it.

That said, recall, if you will, Koizumi's hypothesis in Snow Mountain Syndrome that the SOS Brigade members in the mansion are duplicates of the real SOS Brigade, akin to a save file on a game, and that the perpetrator of the scenario was likely to have been intending to provoke Haruhi. Therefore, Kukyou and/or the Canopy Domain (hitherto only referred as "Kuyou" alone) is attempting this tactic again, this time in the real world so the SOS Brigade would be convinced that this "save" is the reality, as opposed to the "Controllable Helplessness" of the mansion, dismissing the possibility of "escape". The "save point" is right when Kyon picks up the phone (since that's where the split occurs). The α save is the default reality, while the ß save is the alternate created by Kuyou, and it's no holds barred: disabling Nagato, the Anti-SOS meeting Kyon, etc. When Kuyou grabbed Kimidori's arm, she was disconnecting Kimidori from the Data Integrated Thought Entity and weakening her like she did with Nagato (it would be counterintuitive to have an active IDTE Interface in the ß save). Additionally, girl that catches Kyon's interest in the α save is the Slider, in the dimensional and spatial sense; in other words, not only can she slide between dimensions, but she can slide through space (hence how she entered the Clubroom; she's the mysterious twelfth first-year); she'll join as the Sixth Ranger.

What'll happen in the tenth novel with this in mind is still up in the air, but odds are that the Slider will use her powers to connect a link between the α and β saves to stop Kuyou, though from what the Slider tells Kyon on the phone, she is a duplicate created by the IDTE (or perhaps herself) that was sent back in time after the fact, because otherwise she'd end up dead in creating the α/β link.

And actually, typing this gave me another Epileptic Tree to add...

  • Hm. Makes more sense, in some ways, than the Kyon-is-the-slider theory.

  • Jossed. It's closer to Haruhi save scumming subconsciously.

Kuyou is in love with Kyon and didn't want to attack him in the first chapter of vol. 10.

However, considering she doesn´t really get the difference between "alive" and "dead" and Kyon find her just Nightmare Fuel, it still may be somewhat better Asakura appeared. Somewhat...

Kuyou is the "shadow girl"
Kuyou was the one that "pushed" Kyon down the stairs in the alternate December 18th. She is hinted at being able to hide herself, explaining why Koizumi speculates that the "shadow girl" doesn't exist.

What's more, the whole scenario in volume 4 was created by the Sky Canopy Domain: Over time, so Nagato doesn't notice, the SCD combines its power with the power Nagato gets from the IDTE, which is why Nagato seems to appear "less alien", and the result is that the SCD is discretely in control of Nagato (she thought she was acting on her own), and the resultant combined powers exceed Haruhi's, being self-aware and nigh omniscient. On the morning of December 18th, SCD Nagato creates a new save point, resulting in the alternate dimension (whether the escape program was made under the SCD's design is anyone's guess at this point, but it was probably normal Nagato's creation). When the gun was fired at the alternate Nagato, it negated the alternate world and drove the SCD out of her, but by that point the SCD had enough data from Nagato to create their own interface, thus resulting in Kuyou.

Which brings us back to the "shadow girl". The SCD still had the save point, so Kuyou transferred Kyon's mind back into the alternate world (while erasing what he already had of December eighteenth), and that caused Kyon's empty husk to collapse. By that time, Nagato was starting to suspect the Sky Canopy Domain.

The _______ Syndrome sequences, and Kuyou, the slider(?), the unidentified shadow person, have/has (pick and choose as makes sense to you) something to do with Little Sister.
Book: Remote Island Syndrome: Imouto stays home, no shadow. Haruhi makes everything real Or does she?note 
Anime: Remote Island Syndrome: Imouto convinces the club to let her along. Shadowy person appears in the storm, but escapes from what seemed to be a dead end before an identification could be made.
Book: Snow Mountain Syndrome: Imouto stows away until it's too late to send her back home. Shadowy person almost knocks Kyon down, is gone by the time Kyon regains his faculties.
Anime: Snow Mountain Syndrome: ???
My guess is that Kyon and Little Sister retain their link to the old world, their old place, place of origin, whatever you may call it, or are amongst the few beings that, for one reason or another, Haruhi doesn't affect in the same way as everything else. The thing that makes it so Kyon is the rock Haruhi can't lift, because he's from outside her jurisdiction, or the wrong format, or whatever. This is the connection that allows the shadowy person (probably an interface of an alternate IDE, likely connected to or the same character as Kuyou) to exist, as Haruhi's enthusiasm for closed-circle mysteries and the presence of at least two of whatever-or-from-wherever-Kyon-is are among the minimum requirements to effect such a situation. Kuyou's strongly implied abilities beyond what has been confirmed would provide another link between her and the shadowy-yet(-incredibly?)-unremarkable person who was most likely the cause of the _____ Syndrome locked spaces, but it is not absolutely necessary.Or is she? Perhaps at some point, Johnny finally gets tired of his wild imagination pulling him into crazy situations and bestows his powers on Kirsty, who being the identity challenged person she is warps both her and Johnny into completely new identities and forms, as well as a different island nation. Still a bit of a backwater though.

  • The fact that the first book centered on data based aliens, the second on Johnny suddenly realizing he can see "post senior citizens" and ghosts, and the third deals with time travel may explain why the three major groups represented by the SOS are data based aliens, ES Pers, and time travelers. The ES Pers may have different powers because Kirsty wasn't directly involved with the second story and thus may have only gone with her own general idea of "psychic powers." It also fits that Kyon was originally intended to be the ESPer and Johnny was actually one.

Whether Mrs. Tachyon is a member of Asahina's group, their rivals, or is indeed Ms. Asahina herself from way, way, WAY further down the timeline is up in the air.

The shadow that Haruhi saw while on the island is somehow connected to Kyon's sister.
In the novels Kyon's sister doesn't go to the island, and the shadow doesn't appear.

The shadow on the island episode will return in a later series.
The anime series departs occasionally from the written form of the series, and they may have set it up as potential for padding in later series where they stole stuff to flesh out Melancholy to fourteen episodes.

Tanigawa Nagaru is actually an adherent of Discordianism and the series is pretty much an Operation Mindfuck pet project of his.
Just look at the intro description for Operation Mindfuck, it all fits! Also, the reason why the tenth novel is late is because Tanigawa Nagaru is trolling everybody—all in the name of Operation Mindfuck! The Chao is strong in him indeed. Knowing all this, we can then be reasonably certain that the tenth novel will probably end with five tons of flax.

Asakura Ryoko was ordered to attack Kyon and fail.
Points to consider: A big part of this is the fact that she fails. Granted, she's not as powerful as Yuki, but the idea she couldn't kill Kyon, a confirmed Muggle, (probably) essentially instantly is a big of a stretch. Secondly, who saves him? Why, the nice alien girl who he didn't believe before. Suddenly, he now has proof she's an alien and will trust her. If Asakura had been ordered to do it, suddenly the IDE has an agent next to Kyon, who controls Haruhi. There was no way she could have gotten that close to him without said incident with her personality. Possibly, this is part of the reason she freaked out in the fourth novel. She didn't like deceiving Kyon in such a manner and tried to remake the world to them having a normal, friendly (possibly romantic) relationship without her bosses, to whom she has less loyalty by this point than Kyon.

Ryoko was developing real emotions
Ryoko attacks Kyon because her priorities are different, not because she is emotionless. Like Yuki she can not change the expression on her face easily, so she is always smiling. Her song "Cool Edition" sends mixed signals with lines about how cold and emotionless she is, as well also saying how sad she is. She doesn't really seem to fear death because she doesn't really die.

Ryoko's song Koyubi de Gyu! is about Yuki and Her
As mentioned by me above If you read them only passingly you might think they where about Haruhi or just school life, but I was going over the lyrics and noticed something. This takes into account Ryoko is made to be more sociable then Yuki.
On the way home, would you like to drop by that shop?
this suggests it's someone she would walk home with, note Haruhi never knew where Ryoko lived. Yuki lives in the same building as Ryoko they may have walked home together from time to time. Ryoko may have tried to convince her to go shopping with her.
You and I might be alike somehow
Ok list three ways that Haruhi and her are alike that arn't stupidly obvious.
We can get a smile
I think she's really just asking Yuki to smile for her. I think since her an Yuki where both the same thing she wanted Yuki to be her friend (and maybe more)this leads me to one final WMG. Also there are more reasons I believe this but I don't wanna list them here.See for the lyrics.

Ryoko had alternative motives for attacking Kyon...jealousy
Ryoko noticed Yuki began acting differently after she went to the library with Kyon. She realized Kyon had sparked some reaction in Yuki that she originally wanted to spark. This caused conflict inside her, killing Kyon would affect Haruhi and affect Yuki, so she decided to convince herself it was to make Haruhi react so she could kill Kyon without guilt as it was a mission she had to do.

Sasaki really does want power.
She's just as savvy as Haruhi, and knows that a Refusal of the Call will establish you as a humble and reasonable person from whom A God Am I declaration would seem completely out of the question. Methinks she doth protest too much.

Sasaki is not Haruhi's Evil Analogue
She's playing Kyon to an unknown Reality Warper. Think of Day of Sagittarius; if the boss goes down, the whole side goes down, so you don't put the boss where the enemy can see them. Quite possibly, Sasaki has already played her "trump card", and so can set up situations more to her liking than Kyon can. Also, aside from Kuyoh, this would make Sasaki's team a gender flip of Haruhi's; maybe the Sudou supposed to be organizing the middle school reunion is Evil Haruhi. The reason they need Kyon is to destabilize Haruhi enough that she can be taken out without her rewriting her own defeat.

Sakaki is Sasaki.

Taniguchi and Kunikida will both be sliders
Well, they can't be Those Two Guys forever, right? After all, they have names.
  • Alternatively, only Taniguchi is special. He receives much more attention, even on the novels (before being dubbed by Shirashi Minoru). Also Yuki did describes him as a "interesting person". And when she used similar word to describes Haruhi and herself she wasn't talking about the obvious.

Kunikida and/or Taniguchi are Espers employed by the Orginzation
Tanigawa's love of making background characters Chekhovs Gunmen seems rather odd when Those Two Guys are considered in. Taniguchi and Kunikida have only acted as moron and milquetoast, respectively, while many other characters have turned out to be more than they appear. Kunikida always has the same smarmy grin as Koizumi, so throw that in, if you want.
  • I wholly agree, simply because it's hinted that Taniguchi WAS involved with Haruhi earlier, and he says that Koizumi makes him uncomfortable; not to mention that Kunikida has quite a few knowing looks or grins in the novel.
    • Someone from the organization had to keep an eye on Haruhi in middle school - a teacher could have done it, but a student could have gotten closer. Taniguchi did say he was in her class the whole time, and apparently tried to get close, so he fits. When they ended up in the same high school he was supposed to carry on as before, but overheard Harhui wanting a 'Mysterious Transfer Student', thus tipping off the organization to send in Itsuki, who would be able to get into the club Haruhi had set up. Kunikida, who went to middle school with Kyon, is only really likely to be an esper if Kyon is a/the real god, unless he's one of Sasaki's espers, and couldn't go with her because she entered an all-girl's school.
However, the idea might just be the same as with the "Kyon as the real God/a slider" theory: it's much more fun if they're actually 100% human, because it's not what we're expecting - and it shows how special they are as characters that they can have even that much impact, and yet they're 100% ordinary humans (which is the case with almost NOBODY in the books, the only possible other exceptions being Tsuruya and Kyon's sister).
  • And those two exceptions are pretty iffy if you buy into the theories that Tsuruya is a Slider/Kyon's Sister is Mikuru.

Taniguchi is the devil and Kunikida is God and the entire series is the result of an Job type bet between them
Taniguchi (the devil) bets Kunikida (God) that humans are selfish and evil creatures, Kunikida bets that humans are basically good and do care about other people. To see who is right Kunikida grants god-like reality warping power to the biggest jerkass Taniguchi can find (Haruhi) and Kunikida picks Kyon (the only one made immune to Haruhi's powers) as his champion to save Mikuru and the world from Haruhi, proving that there is at least one good person left in sodom.
  • Taniguchi being the devil would shine a whole new light on his spiel about how perhaps love is whats missing in his life, when he talks about the love taxi in the 2nd season "sigh" story arc.

Arakawa is Taniguchi's Father
Hey, they look alike. Maybe Taniguchi's constant hitting on women is a side affect of a lack of a father figure. Alternatively, Arakawa was around to be a father to Taniguchi, but because he became an esper, He erased his son's memories and disappeared.
  • Or Taniguchi really is apart of the Esper faction...
Mikuru isn't just a Time Lord she is the Doctor herself
He always said he wanted to be ginger ...

Kunikida will turn out to be a slider.
He's a named character, and in this show, that means he's important. If someone is a slider, I bet it's him, If only because he hasn't really done anything yet.

Kyon's little sister will turn out to be a slider.

Taniguchi and Kunikida are (or will be) a stealth parody of Boys' Love and yaoi in general

Taniguchi is taller, more outspoken, looks a lot older, flirts constantly, and tries to talk himself up (seme). Kunikida is child-like in appearance, shorter, quieter, and often follows (uke). Not to mention they're Those Two Guys, and look what happened to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern when they got their own backstory.

Taniguchi is Nagaru Tanigawa's Author Avatar.
  • A background character that hangs out with the protagonist that he doesn't want to make a Possession Sue? Yes. An entertaining Muggle? Check. Their last names contain the same character at the beginning? Check.
    • Either that, or his avatar is Yuki Nagato.

All of the teachers are government plants.
The events surrounding Haruhi and the conspiracies which battle over her are too large to go unnoticed by people who's whole jobs are to analyze data for threats to the country they are from. It is highly likely that someone connected the dots and have already infiltrated the high school. As Haruhi gets older and more mature, she may find entertainment in government conspiracies as well.

The computer club president's name is phonetically similar to "Ya-* nyan* ".
It could be that he had an unusual name, say, surname Ya from Chinese ancestry and personal name Nyan or (misread) ryan[sic] from a Hebrew-speaking parent or parent who found western or mythological names interesting, or that his favorite snack was at one time YanYan (or someone called him that after an embarrassing incident involving chocolate creme) and he would Never Live It Down.

The Anti-SOS Brigade are DesignatedVillains.
Think about it; we don't really know much about them yet. Fujiwara is an asshole, but it seems to be a Well-Intentioned Extremist. Kyoko seems to be a kind individual, and only commits evil deeds on orders from her morally ambiguous leaders. Kuyoh seems entirely robotic, but it seems this is just because Sky Canopy Domain cannot comprehend a perfect ambassador to human thought processes.
  • FINALLY, someone that comes to their aid! They're always inappropriately villainized in the community, when all the evidence points to them being Designated villains. It's clear that Kyoko is a caring person, who, like Fujiwara, believe they are doing the right thing. And Kuyoh... well, we don't know shit about her. In fact, Tanigawa probably doesn't either, considering how late the novels are...
Sneering Bastard wants a chain reaction/paradox.
SB says it: he doesn't want time travel to exist. So he'll stop it. There are four ways to do this:1. Kill the creator of time travel - tried it, failed it.2./3. Stopping Kyon/Mikuru from saving the boy4. Preventing Haruhi from giving the boy time travel ideas.He can only do any of these by being a hypocrite and traveling back in time.If there is no time travel, Mikuru can't be sent back. If Mikuru isn't sent back, she can't take Kyon to 3 years ago. If Kyon doesn't go back to 3YA, Haruhi won't meet John Smith. If Haruhi doesn't meet John Smith, she goes to Koyouen. If she goes to Koyouen, we get a bored god-powered girl(Alt!Haruhi). But, if Haruhi is Alt!Haruhi, she might rewrite the universe out of boredom, bringing back the whole madness. Unless, he shares Kyoko's idea of Haruhi being a copy of Sasaki's powers, and thinks that the copying happened when she met John Smith. So if she never meets him, the SOS brigade won't exist. Yuki and Ryoko won't be sent to observe, Mikuru is out of the picture, the Organization isn't interested in Haruhi. However, all four parties (IDSE, SCD, the Organization and Kyoko's group) would turn to Sasaki.In case of TL;DR - SB thinks that by stopping Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, Sasaki would become the center of the universe.(I call him SB because when you write it backwards, you get every word that comes out of his mouth in two letters.)

Little Sister either is God now, or is next in line for it.
"I'm so bored! Nobody's paying attention to me!"

Little Sister, be careful what you wish for.

  • Very few people would get Yuki to put down a book to study them.
  • She'll join those other two goddesses in a Beauty Brainsand Brawn trio of course.

Kuyou is constantly improving, but has a non-linear mapping to the human time.
Whenever Kyon thinks Kuyou has regressed, it's actually because he's talking to an earlier version of her. Having a wristwatch is a big advantage for her, but she doesn't wind it up. Instead she counts how many atoms have split and from this deduces when she's moved forwards or backwards in time.

Ryoko needed to keep a grip on Kyon to fight Kuyou.
Humans can see the critters from both domains better than they can see each other, so Ryoko was using Kyon like a seeing eye dog to track Kuyou.

Sasaki is yet another Haruhi clone.
Haruhi waved the Sasaki plot in front of the villans to distract them from the real backup goddess.

Kunikida is really a girl.
Think about it: he is much shorter and smaller than all the other guys. His voice hasn't changed "yet". And he isn't nearly as enthusiastic about the girls in the school as Kyon and Taniguchi are.

  • If one did not know he was supposed to be in high school, they might think he was an elementary school student. Especially compared to Kyon, who looks like he should be in college, meaning appearance wise. Of course, the reason Kunikida would be going to the school as a guy would be unknown...
  • volume 11 suggests he is interested in Tsuruya, but that doesn't disprove this WMG.
Kunikida looks younger than he is because Haruhi subconsciously stopped him from aging
she wanted one of the minor characters in her school to look like a young boy so she picked a random person she would meet in high school and made sure he would look that way. it wasn't an idea that was important to her so she put him in a position where he would frequently be used as a filler character when the SOS brigade needs extra people instead of making him join. she made sure he would get to spend a lot of time with the girl he was interested in (Tsuruya) as compensation for the inconvenience.

Ryoko is the slider.
  • First, as seen in the movie, Ryoko was fully aware that Yuki conjured the alternate timeline and brought her back into it - "isn't this what you wished for?" Second, in Book Ten, she was involved in the Beta timeline, though gave no indication of knowing it was going to be re-routed by Haruhi. That's two alternate timelines that she's rather deliberately entered and gotten herself involved in the plots of. Maybe the "special circumstances" she can come back within are points where the timeline is diverging or offset in a new direction?

Fujiwara is, in fact, just as powerful as Haruhi, and like Haruhi, he doesn't know it.
Have you ever tried to Google him and watched the possible search options list as it appears? One of the names that comes up if you type in "Fujiwara Ha(ruhi)" is Fujiwara Haruhiko, Haruhiko being one of the two choices people give the male Haruhi for a name (the other being Haruki). Fujiwara was given the name of a Japanese professor of science as a pseudonym (but only for his surname, as there was no need to change his given name when it's different from Haruhi's) when he crossed over to the alternate universe so that he would not know of his powers and that Haruhi would not know of hers. His memory was altered by his own subconscious (possibly the same part of Haruhi's subconscious that became Yasumi) to protect both universes. This is also why he mistakes only child Mikuru for his older sister; it's residual memories of the equally doll-faced Mitsuuru.

The Student Council President is Taniguchi's older brother.
Taniguchi and the Student Council President look a great deal alike; two of the few characters (at least, in the anime) with black hair, similar hairstyles (all slicked back except four locks that hang in front and one Idiot Hair in the middle of them), similar faces (except when the President's wearing his glasses), depending on the shot (of Taniguchi), they both have the same skintone (it seems to vary depending on if it's spring/summer or winter/autumn). The main difference is Taniguchi's eyes are a brownish-red and the President clearly has blue eyes.

Yasumi is (physically) in either her second or third year of middle school.
If she's in her second year, she will join North High just as Haruhi leaves it, so Haruhi has someone to continue the SOS Brigade for a full three more years. If she's in her third year, she will instead join just as Mikuru graduates, ensuring the Brigade remains a Five-Man Band. Tsuruya and Kyon discuss the number in Surprise and consider it ideal and it's implied Haruhi feels the same way as well. Besides, this way the SOS Brigade can continue for at least another two years after Haruhi and the others leave (Haruhi expressed interest in keeping the Brigade active in her absence, and Yasumi may be her way of realising that wish).

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