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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Moon God is the cause of the miasma.
During the final battle with Galdes look at the arena. It looks extremely similar to the Meteor Parasite doesn't it? Assuming multiplay is canon, it also shows that people who have had their pasts altered sometimes "relapse" and that alternate selves can even manifest. The now good adviser even comments on feeling "another me" when Lich is around. And if they're still around in the new world. Surely someone as powerful as the Moon God won't simply disappear. It was the cause of the Meteor Parasite, possibly meaning that Raem is to it what Lady Mio is to the Great Crystal.

  • The end of the game reveals that Yuri and Chalinka made sure the new world they live in doesn't have the evil presence within the moon, instead having scattered it to the cosmos. It's more likely an asteroid or comet became infected with that evil instead, which then returned to the Earth in order for Raem to corrupt it.

Amidatelion from Crystal Bearers and Amidatty from the original game are the same person.
Similar names aside, according to what's under the Humans by Any Other Name entry on the page, it's certainly possible that he/she/it could've lived this long.
  • This doesn't seem likely given a few things we know about Yukes. One, they treat names very seriously and no two can share a name; likewise, changing a name is not to be taken lightly. Two, Amidatty is male while Amidatelion is treated as female and only questioned outside of the game due to her armor's wings not matching the original games "birds for girls, bats for boys" scheme which other Yukes in 'Crystal Bearers'' also don't follow.

Yuri and Chelinka are responsible for the monster society in the My Life series.
The reason that the monsters seem far less Always Chaotic Evil, is because the twins didn't think it right to just erase all of them, and so instead gave them the ability to make a Heel–Face Turn.

Crystal Chronicles is the Dark World for the original Final Fantasy.
This came up when I was playing Crystal Bearers. CB is about 1000 years after the original and miasma streams all still popping up. Therefore it seems that the FFCC world tends towards perversity or destruction with only the Great Crystal keeping it in check. This naturally destructive world makes a nice compliment to the naturally safe FF world. Here are the various parallels

no dynamic opposition Great Crystal & Crimson Moon
World naturally at balance. Constant active perversity of the Crimson Moon. Constant nullifacton by Great Crystal.
Light Myrrh (Life)
Dark Miasma (Death)
Material Crystals Spiritual Crystals
Elemental Crystals Racial Crystals
Earth Clavat
Fire Lilty
Air Yuke
Water Selkie
Element stop working. Race disappears.
Heroes are blessed by the Crystals, i.e. external power. Heroes are born with a crystal, i.e. internal power.
Big Bad wants to control, destroy the world. Big Bad wants to control all of Time, Fate, Memory, Life.
Big Bad uses techology, magic, magitek for goal. Big Bad manipulates or uses human hosts.

Those completely armored Dark World inhabitants are starting to make more sense now.

  • While this is possible, it also leaves the possibility that Final Fantasy XV could be the Dark World mentioned due to similar use of Miasma and Technology. But the internal vs. external dynamic is a very loose one, since Crystal Bearers are rare and only really mentioned in one game, and the possibility of them existing in another Final Fantasy universe isn't out of the question.

Yukes reproduce asexually.
It's hinted at in the games that Yukes have no biological bodies and are literally souls sealed in suits of armour, much like Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist. Word of God states the other three tribes can interbreed, but Yukes cannot interbreed with any of the other tribes. However, there are Yuke children in the game, such as your younger siblings when you choose to play as a Yuke. Because of this, it's likely some sort of elaborate magical ritual is involved in the creation of Yuke children, since after all, they are the most magically advanced race in the games. This would also mean that Yukes' genders are purely aesthetic.

  • It's possible that Yukes start out as physical beings early in the timeline (with Ring of Fates describing them as birdlike and the main characters having seen one's face), but then undergo a magical transhumanist metamorphosis. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered even includes a new form for female Yukes that confirms that they're empty suits of armor, since her midsection is just a cage and you can see inside the upper part of her leggings and underside of her breastplate. There's also a possibility that their life cycle begins with a physical body but eventually has them become free-floating souls that then bind themselves to armor shells.

Yukes wear the armor they wear because they are So Squishy.
In every game of the series, Yukes, even in the armor they wear constantly, are The Glass Cannon and/or The Squishy Wizard. If they are fragile in armor, imagine how much more they would be without it. They wouldn't have survived long enough to become a major race if they die so fast, hence why thier superior minds decided that they should have armor.

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