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Every Moogle seen in the game comes from the world of Final Fantasy I
  • Could explain why Moogle's don't appear in the world of the first Final Fantasy; could be they all found their way there through the interdimensional rift.

The three who perished are the OTHER Light Warriors
  • In one of 012's reports, we're told that three fighters were unable to withstand purification and perished. Unknown to Cid, however, they did not truly die, but were sent to World A, aka, the world of Final Fantasy I. There, they met the Warrior of Light after he was sent there once Chaos was defeated, and together they formed the first game's Light Warriors.

The Warrior of Light's true name is Cid.
  • Given that he is a perfect Manikin made from the partial memories of Cid of the Lufaine, that's about as close as you can get, really.

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