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In the first game, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Fridge Horror

  • The swamp. If you're a Selkie you can read those stones scattered throughout the level, which detail the travels of the Selkie people through Conall Curach in search of a new home. By the end of the level there are none left. Then De Nam goes there and all you find when you go to meet him is his bandana dropped off a monster. So where did that monster come from? Hm...
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  • You find out in the introduction to the area that the Myrrh tree in Tida appeared after the village's crystal didn't get it's myrrh. The narration speculates that it was born out of the peoples hope for their caravan returning... Now think about all the places that used to be inhabitable, but now has crystals.. Like Rebena Te Ra, which has it stated to have a massive crystal in the Ring of Fates Prequel. Let's just say you won't find any crystals there any more.
  • You know Tida? It's stated outright that that's the fate of every village that fails to bring back myrrh. So, in other words, when you die in the game it leads to your whole village patiently awaiting your return as they are slowly poisoned to death as their homes rot away and the village is overtaken by monsters.

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