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Light in this fic has an extreme case of It's All About Me, perhaps even worse than his canon self and he is sure now that he's never going to have a happy relationship, he's never going to have kids or start a family, so why should ANYONE ELSE get a happy ending?

That Ryuk appears right when they’re talking about settling down suggests that Ryuk had found them already but chose not to kill them because he finds watching them to be quite entertaining. If that's the case then all L has to do to
get Ryuk to spare them again is convince him that making Light herd sheep would be funny to watch.

The names Light finished writing down when cornered were Mihael Keehl, Matsuda Touta, and Nate River.
Subverting the usual Fatal Family Photo trope Aizawa the family man gets to live. Mello was the biggest threat so Light took him out first, followed by Matsuda who was grabbing for a gun, and then he began writing Near's name because he was, at that point, clearly the one in charge of the raid. Light may or may not have finished writing Near's name but he probably did seeing how if either Mello or Near survived Light and L wouldn't have been able to hide so easily.

Light shortened his lifespan not from taking the Shinigami eyes but from his continued heavy drug use.
Drugs Are Bad, m'kay.

Light and L are Timelords.
The Doctor and the Master specifically. Because no TV Tropes WMG page is complete without a reference to Doctor Who.

The real reason that Light killed Matt...
...was because he knew that Matt's jokes were funnier than his.


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