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Video Game Cruelty Potential / Cities: Skylines

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This is a sandbox city-builder game, so whether through negligence or (more likely) malice, some players will take the opportunity to find new and exciting ways to make their towns and cities a living hell.

  • As Colossal Order's CEO said herself, the best thing about Chirper is that you can locate whoever it was who chirped bad things about you and demolish their house.
  • Heck, some of the unlockable buildings require cruelty. For example, the Lazaret Monument (required to unlock the Medical Center wonder) unlocks when the city's average health is below 20%. For three weeks. Want to do it in a hurry? Put your sewage plants upstream of your water pumps and watch as everybody in the city ends up drinking raw sewage.
  • The game features some of the more realistic water physics to be seen in city simulators. Such as dams actually flooding the plains upstream. Cue players building cities upstream of future dams, then flooding them... or building dams upstream from cities, then destroying the dams and letting a tsunami wash over them.
    • Here's one dam conveniently solving the city's traffic jam problem. The player built the bridge before the dam, and when the dam was built, the raised water level washed the traffic off the bridge.
    • There is even at least one user-made "challenge map" with a huge "natural" dam that will flood the city if the mayor can't unlock the plots of land with higher ground fast enough.
  • Pollution has a million clever ways to be cruel:
    • Standard industrial areas don't just cause water, air, and noise pollution, which will flow away in a few months once altered. They poison the ground for years to come, killing the trees all around. What better place to put your prisons?
    • Water bodies with no outlet are also portrayed realistically. If you pump water from them, they'll dry out. If you release your sewage into them, the body of sewage will rise and swell, inundating the surrounding land with sewage, as seen here.
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    • One player constructed a large hole in the ground, and then had their sewage drain into it. Thanks to the game's realistic water physics, it was only a matter of time before it overflowed.
    Commenter: "You had me at 'Poopcano'."
    • As noted above, putting your water pumps downstream from your sewage outflows is a quick and easy way to make everybody in your town sick.
  • Much like in the SimCity games, you have the ability to inflict upon your city the various disasters added in the Natural Disasters pack, which include thunderstorms, sinkholes, tsunamis, and meteors raining from the sky. Unlike in SimCity, however, you can actually control the intensity, on a scale from 1 to 10. The higher the scale on a meteor strike, for instance, the larger the crater.
  • Welcome to Blimpton, a town where the road network is needlessly convoluted and there are no schools so that citizens remain stupid enough to think that it's a good idea to take a blimp to the grocery store.


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