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Vampire Hunters is a Point-and-Click Game/Role-Playing Game hybrid, developed by the Slovakian company Mayhem Studios and released in 2009.

The plot revolved around Vampire Hunter Bernard and his quest to avenge his friend and colleague Ivan, murdered by a powerful vampire while in the line of duty. He does so by wandering around a large port, talking to people who may or may not know the answers, bypassing security guards by giving them porn mags and occasionally fighting poorly drawn vampires with magic and swordplay. In spite of being a veteran Vampire Hunter, Bernard is outclassed in nearly fight, but he's still set on avenging every dead human, though the player is unlikely to share that commitment. The game was panned upon release, and the studio was closed soon after.


This game provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Action Genre Hero Guy: Bernard is a typical example.
  • Anti-Grinding: There are no fights besides those mandated by the plot, and thus no way to get extra experience in time for the next battle.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: Most of the game’s copies were shipped to Russia, and the local translation from English transliterates many terms, which led to moments like casket changed to “каска” (hard hat).
  • Dialogue Tree: These are present, but will not work in resolution higher than 1024x768.
  • Early Game Hell: The game is notable for having even the weakest enemies get greater stats than the protagonist, and because he starts with very few skills and has no companions, there also isn’t much you can do tactically.
  • The Goomba: Goons, the weakest vampires in the game, were meant to be ones, though the difficulty is still a lot higher now.
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  • Obvious Beta: The game was shipped with a large number of bugs, including missing music and sound as well as frequent crashes to desktop.
  • Off-Model: The 3D cutscene animation is at the mid-90s level.


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