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Advertisement: is a video game created by Yangcliu in 2017. It's an .io game in which players control fidget spinners, collect orbs scattered around the arena and destroy opponents once they get fast enough. If your spinner is four times faster than an opponent's, you'll kill them instantly.

This game provides examples of:

  • Absurdly High Level Cap: Maximum profile level is 50. It's going to take lots of matches to reach that level.
  • Endless Game: The game goes on forever, no matter how fast you spin.
  • Press Start to Game Over: If someone is unlucky enough to spawn next to a spinner four times faster than them, they're gonna die in five seconds max.
  • Revenue-Enhancing Devices: You can buy chests for 100 coins that may contain new skins for your spinner. 1000 coins for 2 dollars.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: The title is spelled like "", not "".


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