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Surf when you can't surf.

Since 2020, Microsoft Edge users may have downloaded a major update for the browser. Doesn't the new icon look like a wave? Well, this game might make the change have more sense.

Edge Surf is a video game built into Microsoft Edge released in 2020 (after version 82), playable when edge://surf is typed in into the address bar or if you have a problem with connecting to the Internet, though the game is available in other places if you use Firefox/Chrome/some other browser. The game is inspired by SkiFree, but you have to surf endlessly and try to get as low as possible. However, there are many obstacles in the form of rocks, bridges, other surfers, and a relentless purple squid. Unlike the inspiration, you have three hearts with each one being depleted when you hit something (unless the squid catches you, in that case you lose all three) and three lightning icons that speed the surfer up significantly when you double-tap the down key.


This game provides examples of:

  • Anti-Frustration Features: Dolphins, orcas, and divers which periodically appear as obstacles in fixed patches do not pop up if you are already in the patch or close to entering one.
  • The Cameo: Both the Skier and the Abominable Snow Monster make appearances in this game. The former can be found floating in the ocean, while the latter is seen relaxing in an inflatable tube and waving.
  • Endless Game: The game doesn't end, you may as well get caught by the squid eventually.
  • Easter Egg: Go all the way to the left and you will find a circle of tentacles. Stay in the circle for a while and you will be turned into a purple squid yourself. Your score won't be saved, but you destroy any obstacle you come into contact with, except sand bars which can still damage you. The NPC surfers have unlimited lives, but they will fall from their surfboard if they hit you, and they cannot go through you so they will be stuck in an infinite loop if you are in front of them.
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  • Hearts Are Health: You have a lifebar with three hearts and additional hearts can be picked up.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: Everything has rectangular hitboxes. Unusually, there is a "High visibility mode" that outlines all hitboxes, green for buffs, red for debuffs, and black for damage sources.
  • Holiday Mode: For winter 2021–2022, the visuals have been changed from surfing in the open sea during the summer to skiing down an endless mountain while being chased by the Abominable Snow Monster himself.
  • Lighter and Softer: The Squid compared to the Abominable Snow Monster; it didn't eat you nor did it prance around taunting you on defeat, it just destroyed your surfboard, but left you still alive. Additionally, it won't endlessly chase you. If you can outspeed it, it will stop chasing but will try again if you find another purple tentacle.
  • Mercy Invincibility: You have a bit of invincibility after being hit, which crucially allows you to pass through obstacles after hitting it (since you cannot go backwards).
  • No Plot? No Problem!: No plot for why you're surfing, why the squid chases you eventually, or anything else.
  • One-Hit Kill: Getting caught by the purple squid causes you to lose instantly, no matter how many hearts you have left, and ignoring Mercy Invincibility.
  • Palette Swap: The game has seven playable surfers. Three of them are unique designs, the other four are recolors of two of the aforementioned unique designs (one of them has not been copied at all).
  • Retraux: The game has a DOS artstyle similar to SkiFree.