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Cleansed is an Idle Game that resembles a Roguelike in terms of aesthetics by yhvr that was released in 2021 for's Incremental Game Jam 2. You play as a @ that walks around a dark place. Sometimes, glass shards show up on the ground. Collecting them make the view brighter, lets you remove walls of darkness that prevent further exploration, and even let you buy upgrades.

The game is playable here.


This game provides examples of:

  • Buffy Speak: The service provided by the star is called the luck-increaser-thingy.
  • Cash Gate: The game runs on these. Nearly every tile is blocked with a darkness tile that requires some glass shards (which also function as currency) to remove. You're even given some 8 darkness tiles (100,000,000 shard cost) when you're barely getting through 4s (10,000).
  • New Game Plus: Once you beat the game, you can replay it with some major boosts.
  • Practical Currency: Glass shards are spent on upgrades in shops, but they also improve the strength of your light.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: If you try to get rid of the Darkness Core too early even with the required glass shards, there will be a pop-up saying you need to clear everything else first.