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When you generated your worthless character, it was only natural that you'd roll a natural 20 on stupidity.

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     Harsh (Tsun) 
  • Exalted: Arianna is like this towards Swan, her Love Interest. She grew up in a misogynistic culture where women were barred from education and most men were, at best, condescending towards her attempts to learn. Swan isn't like that, but she still finds it difficult to think of men as friends instead of competitors, and is therefore very abrasive towards him...most of the time. (What Swan's previous incarnation was like doesn't help matters.) In fact, she's a bit mean towards everyone; it's just that Swan tries the most out of anyone to interact with her, so he gets the worst of it.
    • In Glories Of The Most High, Mars is described as a platonic example.
    It has been said the Maiden of Battles is the most terrifying of the Maidens- ruthlessly pragmatic, quick to take offence and caring little for those mortals questionably blessed by her presence. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is because the Maiden of Battles cares so much for the lives she is affecting that she is so terse. Any business not having to do with battles, contests or war distracts her from her careful planning and causes her savage irritation. In truth, the destinies she weaves depict the death of millions, and the gravity of this burden is not lost on her. Only Jupiter knows that Mars holds the lives of soldiers sacred and honours in her heart those fighters she commends to the tender mercies of Saturn.

     Sweet (Dere) 

  • Anna Lin from the continuing examples in Bliss Stage.
    Anna: "I've seen better men than you face worse things than you can imagine. Don't think you're a hero, and don't think I'm your friend!"
  • Fanon turns Commander Shadowsun(dere) and Eldar females from Warhammer 40,000 into Tsunderes.
    • Well Eldar being tsundere is not surprising as these tend to being shipping fics, normally with humans, which results in a clash of their feelings for the human with the default Eldar attitude of arrogant superiority towards those filthy mon-keigh at best and downright hostility at worst. As a result them coming across as tsundere is hardly surprising.
    • And Shadowsun because... well, because it's hilarious, that's why.

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