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"It's not freezing until it hits zero"
Me, said to far, far too many people

I'm a Brilliant, but Lazy teenager (like so many others), who has a passion for coding (C#, C++ to be specific), video games and a thought process which manages to seem completely random while being supremely logical (to me) at the same time (INTJ). For those who actually know me, I'm also infamous for my terrible memory, superhuman resistance to cold (that quote is from me, after all) and a complete inability to function in temperatures above 28 degrees [Celsius].


Oh, and I also throw in examples if I've been reading/watching/playing something and come across the trope page. Being a Grammar Nazi, I often consider fixing up pages with minor errors but normally pass it off as too much work. I also write quite a few reviews when I'm bored. So far they're purely about anime but if the mood strikes me I'll probably expand to video games, webcomics or manga.

I used to read far, far too many webcomics thanks to the magic of Project Wonderful. Strange that the only ads I regularly click don't get payed per click, isn't it? I wrote about this here. That liveblog is currently on indefinite hiatus.

Last updated October '13

    Anime I've Watched 
Disclaimer: I've watched all of these shows. That doesn't mean I like all of them. In fact, I hated a lot of them. It's just that if I'm still watching a show after episode 5, I fell like I have to watch it through to the end just to get a feeling of closure.

In no particular order:


    Anime I've Reviewed 
Be warned, I'm pretty sure that my reviews don't show up on some of the pages. I know Usagi Drop for one changed namespace. You can still find them under the 'Reviews' section, just maybe not from the page itself.

    Webcomics I read 
(I use Tvtropes as a gateway drug)

    Books I like 
I've read hundreds of books. These are just the ones I remember as being the best.



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