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Two guesses at this troper's ethnicity and native language(s). First guess doesn't count. Sometime Grammar Nazi and fanfiction writer (under a different name). Turns Scottish (or at least Hollywood Scottish) after drinking enough, randomly uses a bad fake English accent of some kind or other when sober.

Currently making a half-arsed attempt to write some Useful Notes articles about China because it seems kinda ignored. Especially when compared to the Japanese section. Actually, non-Japanese-related Useful Notes articles seem kinda neglected for some reason. The House of Hanover article is still only half-done at best.

Things that annoy me on this wiki: Duplicate examples on trope pages, people who think Fallout 3 is the only game in the series (or at least write like it), and people who think Nippon Ichi only made Disgaea. Seriously, stop it. Half the stuff that turns up in that series is also in all their other strat-RPG games.

Had the dubious honour of hearing Gene Ray discussing the Time Cube in person at Georgia Tech back around 2005-ish. A group of guys on campus who did comedy performance art (or something) invited him and it was... interesting.

Wrote (or rather, started):

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Many others, one tiny random edit at a time.


VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration 2(Complete)

Thinking of writing one for SRW L or W, but that'll be very light on plot summary since I don't read Japanese at all.