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Live Blog Lamia Kenzan! Let's Play Super Robot Wars OG2
Winter2013-05-27 14:18:45

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Welcome to my Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 2 liveblog. I was inspired to write it after reading Fluid's OG 1 liveblog. I've also been meaning to play OG 2 again since I just finished up my first run through SRW W.

I'll be trying to stay on Hard difficulty for this run since I would very much like to see the True Final Boss, but the Battle Mastery system is very heavily biased towards an aggressive playstyle that I simply don't have. I suppose blowing huge wads of New Game Plus money early on might help a bit, but I'm just fundamentally a cautious and slow player when it comes to strategy RPGs. It probably comes from starting on Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics where it's very easy to lose units permanently.

I'll be consulting a few FAQs as references for secrets and character morale gains and the like. It's been a while since I've played and these things are easy to forget. I won't be getting all the secrets because a few aren't worth the trouble. Like killing certain bosses on one stage by abusing terrain bonuses and praying for good attack rolls, which I have heard can take a couple hours of resetting and praying.

The game has been adapted to anime as “Super Robot Wars: Original Generation: The Inspectors,” and is available online. It changes the story in a few spots, but it works pretty well.

Unlike Fluid, I probably won't be able to provide many images. Photographing a DS screen is tricky at best and my results have been terrible so far. So, on with the game!

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