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Hey, guys. I suck at these things, so imma just leave some obligatory preferences and move on.

If you want some contact information so we can chill outside of TV Tropes on IM, steam, xbox live, etc., just send me a PM. If I like you, I'll answer back.

Favored Musical Tastes: Heavy Metal (Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, and some groove metal when the rare mood strikes me), Progressive Rock (because of the Opeth influence), classical music and orchestral music.

Favored Film Tastes: Uh, pretty much everything. I tend to agree with film critics on a lot of things, with the exception of Amadeus. That movie was just boring. I do like big-idea movies. I'm also a fan of foreign films, my favorites being L'Affaire Farewell (The Farewell Affair), John Rabe, Ip Man, Mongol, and Red Cliff.

Favored TV Show Tastes: Once again, it greatly varies. I tend to not be as big a fan of TV science fiction, but its usually really campy and whatnot. Right now, my favorites are: Arrested Development, Futurama, Breaking Bad, The Killing, Rubicon (before AMC canceled it, those tards.), Stargate SG 1, Community, Monk, and... There was something else, but I forgot what it was. Oh! I know. Fringe. That was it.

Favorite Books: A Song Of Ice And Fire, House Of Leaves, Cryptonomicon.

Tropes that apply to Moi:

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"arGROANian"? You are the devil. - Wagrid

Togethr, my friend, yes, TOGETHER WE SHALL RULE THE FORUMS, MAD JESTER! -OrangeSpider

Trick or treat! -Milos Stefanovic

trick or treat!

Trick or treat! -Haldo

-Spray-paints "Pyroninja sets cock on fire!"-


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