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Isaac G is a self-proclaimed grammar nazi who sometimes spends hours perusing example pages to find mistakes, especially red text. In fact, I first created this page after noticing that my username itself produced red text. Note to self: whenever you see red text that's not supposed to be red text, click it and select related to find other instances of this specific mistake. If too many examples are found, add it to possible future projects. This excludes names, since in the future the name could have a page made for it.


Once I start hallucinating red text, it is time to go to sleep.

Examples of activity:

  • Misc. Red Text, Last Checked 2012/12/14
    • SG1
    • IPs
    • MVPs
    • Java Script
    • Level Cap replaced with Cap
    • NPCs
    • RPGs
    • DVDs
    • KOed
    • OAVs
    • GMs
    • RPs
    • DMs
    • SMGs
    • OVAs
    • CEOs
  • 2013/02/22
    • LPs
  • BadassLolita replaced with Little Miss Badass
  • VideoGame/TwistedMetal replaced with TwistedMetal (this one surprised me a bit)
  • Replaced hottips with labelnotes in Western Animation. It was the single longest I've ever spent editing on a single page. On that note, there are a freaking ton across the various Memes/ pages.
  • 2013/04/03
    • McGee (holy crap did the NCIS page mention him a lot)
    • HoH (Only on three pages, but very frequent among those pages. All of them Big Brother related.)
    • And the related HouseGuests OR HouseGuest
    • PoV
    • McLain
    • SO3
  • 2013/05/01
  • 2013/05/04
    • JA2
    • Fixed type references from We Do the Impossible (including a "type 5", which had to be removed entirely since the current format only lists four types)
  • 2013/05/08
    • ODing
  • 2013/05/09
    • Replaced VideoGame/{{Disgaea3}} with {{Disgaea3}}. Curiously, most all other Disgaea games allow for the Video Game/ marker.
  • 2013/05/13
    • DnD
    • TS1, TS2, and TS3. Interestingly counts as both Toy Story and The Sims.
  • Cleaned out the hottips from Bakemonogatari
  • 2013/06/23
    • RPer
    • RPers
    • RPs
    • RPing
    • LPer
    • LPers
    • LPs
    • LPing (turns out this one was unnecessary)
  • 2013/06/28
    • BG2
    • BG1
  • 2013/06/30
    • DLCs (There's two left, but they're locked and also in monstrous condition, so I can't even bring them to the locked edit page)
  • 2013/07/25
    • FF7 (except Made Of Win Archive Late 2009, which is locked and probably is supposed to keep red text)
    • CoM (Circle of Magic, Colour of Magic, and Chain of Memories)
    • KH2
    • DiZ (Character from KH2)

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