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I'm the oldest of three kids. I have a twin brother and a mentally and physically disabled younger brother. We both help our parents take care of him. We all look very much alike, and we all look like our dad.

My twin brother and I aren't exactly identical but people still have a hard time telling us apart sometimes. As a result of our being twins, many people ask us if we know what the other is thinking or feeling? Or if we can feel it when the other one gets hurt? The answer is no, we can't. We do engage in Twin Banter, and our mom says we had our own language as babies. We also occasionally get into a Sibling Seniority Squabble, but not as often as we used to. Also our parents named us after Biblical characters, my first and middle name is Peter Michael and my twin brothers name is Joshua David so I guess that counts as Theme Twin Naming.


  • Loser Protagonist: I've always been a pretty Nice Guy, but as a kid I was bullied and picked on. People actually treat me decently now, but I am by no means successful. I still live with my parents even though I'm in my mid twenties, I'm was a Burger Fool at Mc Donalds although my real job was a janitor, after that I got a full time job at an warehouse making $11.50 an hour, I was there for a few months during The Christmas season of 2013, got laid off in January 2014, got rehired a few months later, and was then fired. Now I jump from job to job as a temporary warehouse employee for a company called Select Staffing. I have an Associates Degree in Business Management from ITT Technical University, and Im trying to find a job that fits with that.

I have a girlfriend whom I have been dating for a year, we are a Chastity Couple, mostly because shes got two jobs and we live in separate cities.


  • Adorkable:

  • Every Man:

  • Neet: Used to be this.

  • Slacker: I enjoy my leisure time very much, but when I'm at work, I will do my best to get the job done.

  • Only Sane Man: I feel like this alot.

  • Brilliant, but Lazy: I'm by no means a genius, but people think of me as The Smart Guy, mostly because I wear glasses, and I am pretty lazy.

  • Smart People Wear Glasses:

  • Loner: When I was younger my only friend was my twin brother. There were kids we would hang out with but they weren't really friends, in fact they were of the Poisonous Friend variety they would pick on us as soon as hangout with us. While I'm still a lot like I was as a kid, I'm not as much of an introverted virtual recluse as I was.

  • The Quiet One: I'm pretty quiet, I like to sit & listen to what other people are talking about. Everyonce in awhile Ill speak and say something and sometimes when I get the urge I can be pretty talkative

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