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Oh hello , I didn't see you there. well you're here so I guess that I should share some tropes from my life.

tropes about me

tropes about Blitz (my fursona)

  • Amusing Injuries : he once jumped out of a window, walked back in through the front door. he then realised he left on of his feet outside.
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  • Butt monkey : oh dear, yes. so far he has; fallen from a great hight twice, been eaten seven times, shot three times, been decapitated four times, and been exploaded more times than he can remember
  • Sliding Scale of Undead Regeneration : a type iv, however this is only for pysical damage, magic, fire and some other things can kill him deader than dead.
  • Iron Butt-Monkey : but thanks to his healing, he wont die... ever.
  • Cosmic Plaything : The reason he belives that he has become imortal is so the 'powers cosmic' can mess around with him forever. He is not very pleased about that
  • Horror Hunger : he needs to consume life energy to keep himself from falling asleep forever. now that doesnt seem so bad, but if anything with a soul comes near him in that state, they will have it ripped out in its entirity.
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  • Only a Flesh Wound : as said befor, he lost his foot. When someone enquired about it, he said "I've had worse".
  • Not Using the "Z" Word : He does not like being called a zombie, he prefers to be called a 'Half-life'.
  • Berserk Button : Dont call him a bunny, you will not like what happens next.
  • Fun Size: hes only 4 foot tall
  • Why Won't You Die? : This happens multiple times during his incounters with the demon hunters.
  • The Voiceless : Due to his crippling phobia of other people, he can appere to be this. Unless he starts talking, then he just wont shut up...
  • Seldom-Seen Species: as a fennec fox, he belived he was. Time will tell.
  • Strange-Syntax Speaker : which is annoying because its dificult to tell exactly what he's. saying with. stops and starts and mostly strange ways of explaing things.
  • Losing Your Head : Happens occasionly. Dificult to rectify as he has to wait until people stop screaming so they can put his head back on.
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  • Achilles' Heel : Fire, cant heal fire.

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