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Dracomicron started on the path to total geekdom in 1984 at the age of nine when he found his dad's 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons And Dragons; you know, the one with the giant red demon clutching the gold bikini-clad maiden? The die was cast, so to speak.

Though the troper has moved on from such childish pursuits to... other childish pursuits, remaining a geek working on his fourth decade of life.

Some credentials, in no particular order:


  • Helped playtest LARP rules for Scott Lynch.
  • Played in the official White Wolf The World Of Darkness Digi-Chat online game, playing out The End as one of the most powerful and respected Demons.
    • Later ran an unofficial Demon: The Fallen and Orpheus game at the now-defunct Blood Chronicles Digi-Chat for a year and a half.
  • Had numerous suggestsions implemented in Baldurs Gate 2 and its expansion pack, including Wild Mages and the Club of Detonation +3 (though they had it upgradable to +5).
  • Plays the warlock Sesobael on World Of Warcraft's Kirin Tor server. If you go to the Kirin Tor forum, you'll see a "Covenant" written by Sesobael's player and stickied to the top of the page which details the level of civility hoped for on the server, and how to achieve it. Sesobael is the guild leader of the Poor Sages of Lordaeron, one of the primary roleplaying guilds on that server for quite some time. While fallen from promenance, both Sesobael and the Poor Sages still see some play from time to time.
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  • Has run several tabletop campaigns, including Planescape, Vampire: The Dark Ages, Demon: The Fallen, and, most recently, Monte Cook's World of Darkness.
  • Helped plan and execute the Dystopia party for Minnesota's CONvergence con.
  • Is writing a science fiction novel.
  • Looks suspiciously like the Buddy Christ.

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This Troper also happened to suggest the compromise that led to separating The Toblerone into Boisterous Bruiser and a Self-Demonstrating Article, resolving decades of TV Tropes conflict and bloodshed.



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