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There are notes here. Who are they for? Mostly for me, but I suppose you can look at them if you want. They are on display, after all. But be warned: Spoilers ahead! And no cheating!

  • Claire's setting
    • High-tech sci-fi.
    • Some group obviously has in-depth knowledge of AI, robotics and nanomachines, as well as vast resources, given that Claire had to be built by someone.
      • This group is some military or other, as Claire was created for espionage and assassination.
  • An Alternate Earth
    • Tamara's setting
    • Magic is inherent to the whole of normal reality, and so (at least in-universe), antimagic only serves to dampen magical abilities
    • Witches/Sorceresses and Wizards/Sorcerers all belong to a worldwide group called Hecate's Coven
    • There was a Masquerade, but it was broken when (unnamed BigBad's faction) attacked San Francisco, then broken in a much bigger way when Hecate was released from her prison.
    • The world is engulfed in one big fight between Heaven, Hell, Hecate's Coven, non-magical humans' Paranormal Defence Agencies, (the unnamed Big Bad's faction) and The Void
    • Rogue elements from the Coven, some PDAs and some unaffiliated others united to form "The Guardians", which seek peace without any side gaining total world domination.
  • Strike Fighter Universe
    • Originally the concept of an anime I would never be able to make, called Strike Fighter: Wretched Earth
    • Sci-fi post-apocalyptic version of what was formerly known as Japan's mainland.
    • The island, though not terribly hospitable, is the only known habitable place on the planet. Thus, the "continent" is the whole world. And it's called Ailyss.
    • The fascistic Hakoda Empire exists to the North, facing off against its likely-permanent enemy, Kagos Republic.
    • The middle of the island is a desolate no man's land of heavily irradiated wastelands. The frontlines of both the warring nations are constantly shifting though this area. Nevertheless, people try to flee from either country and establish settlements there. It's usually a deadly endeavour, for various reasons.
    • Black-and-Gray Morality : Kagos may suffer from a great deal of inequality, it may have a corrupt democracy and it may treat its many, many conscripts like cannon fodder... But at least it isn't founded on principles set out by Social Darwinists, eugenics advocates, and fascists, right?
    • You might say it's a Crapsack World, and you might be right...
    • "Strikers" are genetically engineered, cybernetically enhanced supersoldiers of the Hakoda Empire.