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Agent Alpha is a 20-something English major (as in a college graduate, and not as in a Major in the British Army). He's been a voracious reader all his life and a persistent writer since high school, with something like a novel or two in progress (one in the Action-Adventure genre, the other a High Fantasy tale).

Naturally, as soon as he heard about this site, he was in love—at last, to find men and women after his own heart! Things got so bad that he actually had to spend a whole week off of TV Tropes, as he was losing whole hours of the day just reading page after page after page. Yet he's finally buckled down and hopes to be a respectable Contributor/Editor on the site.

Agent Alpha considers the Batman and Star Wars sagas to his personal mythology, informing much of his philosophy and moral code in addition to his Roman Catholic and Buddhist ways. He also is religious about cross-referencing everything he writes on the Internet, so if he uses an allusion, you can almost guarantee that there will be a link to said allusion in the text.

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