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I'm awesome, and you're not.
— Adil in a nutshell

Hey it's Adil!
This is my current moniker on some websites, if you see this as the avatar, that's me usually, and the name "adil" or "boss" included

How are you people? I'm a guy who's been on this site since 2009, and I registered in 2014, and I started commenting and editing in 2015!!

I'm the main man here! Alright?

FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT MY :- Where my stories (story) are awesome (horrible) my anime list, you can check out my stories there. I wanna say sorry in advance for sounding weird or messed up, again sorry.


Fandoms I lurk in occasionally

Favourite artists

...I have a weird taste as I listen to anything

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    Tropes applied for Adil 
  • The Ace: Not really
  • All of the Other Reindeer: For some reason, I was this, I don't remember why, but I know it lead to
  • Ambiguous Disorder: I think I do have something going wrong in my head, no idea what.
  • Berserk Button: Putting cheese directly on my face, also
    • People who bash English dubs of anime, they're always going about how hearing anime in the English language is cancer.
    • Hearing my name too many times in the same 10 minutes
    • Dicks,assholes, not nice people
    • Having a minor aspect in your identity become your personality that it ends up being flat
    • Politics
  • Jerkass I apologize for my rude behavior on forums and in the real world.

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