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  • Cross Promotion: With naval-related Anime series Arpeggio of Blue Steel in 2016, High School Fleet in 2017, and Azur Lane in 2018. The Azur Lane promotion is notable for being implemented in both games, with several of the "paper ships" from World of Warships being implemented as shipgirls, while several popular Azur Lane shipgirls will become available as captains in World of Warships (along with an Azur Lane-themed camouflage for Cleveland).
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  • Dueling Games: Steel Ocean, another upcoming Naval MMO Game that is much too similar to World of Tanks to be a coincidence, has shown some promise in being a worthy rival by offering players to battle inside Submarines, as well as having a wider variety of ships that have yet to be added into WoWs, such as the Yorktown.
  • Fan Nickname: Much like World of Tanks, an entire page's worth.
  • Fandom Nickname: Players are often referred to as Captains, Admirals, or Commanders. The second one is also shared with those who also play Kantai Collection, given the shared theme between the two games, and some WOWS players even go the extra mile and call themselves teitoku (Japanese for "admiral"). "Admiral" is seen by some of the fanbase as the most appropriate of these nicknames, because the player has multiple in-game "Commanders" (the guys you place on ships and assign skill points to) under his or her command.
  • Game Mod: The fandom was quick to put together a mod where each ship was represented by a cute girl in order to make WOWS a little more like Kantai Collection, and that mod was later expanded to include Kankore-like menus.
    • The game is very friendly to mods in general - the devs are aware of the existence of mods and even, on their Russian forums, curate their own modpack. Many features now in the game are also implementations of features formerly only available through mods.
    • When Yamato in the anime adaptation showed up in a bikini, it didn't take long for skins to be made for her WOWS counterpart to have "camouflage" matching the swimsuit.
  • Lethal Joke Ship: Some of the ships can be complete garbage either at their tier, or just in general, forcing many players to decide to skip the ships entirely through Free Exp, or hunker down for a long grind to get through them. The epitome of this can be seen in the Soviet Destroyers for the first four tiers. They're slow, their torpedoes are garbage, and worse yet, some of them have poorly placed guns that are incapable of super-firenote . But, assuming you can get the guns to bear on target, you can expect to rack up some good damage numbers without much fear of retaliation as they are incredibly sneaky.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Because of the number of Kantai Collection players within the community, this tends to happen to the Japanese ship line such as "Kongou" for "Kongo", "Fusou" for "Fuso", etc.
    • However, this also likely stems from the fact that the ships names aren't Romanized properly in World of Warships the first place. Using the Kongo example: The way kanji of her name (金剛, "indestructible", named for Mount Kongō) should be Romanized would either be Kongō or Kongou. With the latter being much easier to type due to just using regular letters and not special characters.
    • When the Arpeggio of Blue Steel crossover content was officially implemented, both the above ship's Fog Fleet counterpart and the Mental Model herself are rendered correctly as Kongō.
    • This also applies to some of the in-game names of certain Russian ships, such "Derzki" for "Derzky", or "Svietlana" for "Svetlana".
  • Trolling Creator: April Fools 2016, players get to sail around in Toy Ships in Captain Bad Advice's Jacuzzi which has a Toy Submarine floating around as a light-hearted mockery to the pro-submarine fanbase.
    • The 2017 April fools gave everyone a real sub in their port. And that's it. You can't play with it even in minigame. That is, until Halloween 2018 event when Wargaming decides to put submarines in for public testing.
  • Types of Naval Ships: Because of the frequent use of having to use a keyboard to alert team members in Random Battles, players have taken to using basic United States/NATO Naval Ship codes to id the type of vessel they want to alert, or warn their team of.
    • DD= Destroyersnote 
    • CA= Cruisersnote 
      • CL= "Cruiser, Light"note 
      • CC= Battlecruisernote 
      • CB= Large Cruisernote 
      • BC= Battlecruiser. An alternate code, used by the Royal Navy.
    • BB= Battleships.note 
    • CV= Aircraft Carriers.note 
      • CVL= Light Carriers.note 
      • CVE= Escort Carriers.note 
  • Vapor Ware: Much like her Kantai Collection counterpart, the Aircraft Carrier Shinano. 3D Models of her were already present in the early Alpha tests, but was later pulled out in favor of the Tier-X Hakuryuu, which for the record only existed in blueprints compared to the former (previously the third Yamato-class Battleship which was converted midway into an aircraft carrier.)
    • Akagi and Yorktown also exist in the games files. Akagi was replaced with Hiryu because she was the template for later IJN carrier designs as well as the Akagi's secondaries making her mechanically somewhat unusual. Yorktown was edged out by Lexington because the latter had superior Anti Air and secondaries.
      • Enterprise (one of Yorktown's sisters) was finally added into the game.
    • IJN Tone was tested for a while with the intention of making it a premium tier 7 cruiser. However complaints that it would not receive any special aircraft related abilities (its an aviation cruiser) and a lack of interest otherwise shelved development.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.

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