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Like in World of Tanks, World of Warships features massive ranges of warships for you to take command, divided up into nations and ship types.

The different types of ships are such:

  • Cruiser: Cruisers are the most manoeuvrable class of warship. Designed to react fast and with deadly force, they act as a destroyer shield for larger ships and as anti-aircraft platforms for the team. They can fight toe-to–toe with other cruisers and some can utilize torpedoes to damage capital ships. Being the most hybrid class, cruisers have features of both destroyers and battleships in terms of dynamics. Light cruisers resemble the former, whereas heavy cruisers are closer to the latter. As of late a few "large cruisers" or "cruiser killers"note  have been added as premiums as well, firmly putting cruisers as the most diverse ship class in the game.
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  • Destroyer: Destroyers serve a number of roles in the game. They can be used to seek out enemy ships for the big-guns on their team to target, to launch torpedo salvoes at enemy ships and provide additional anti-aircraft cover for friendly vessels. Nimble and extremely agile, destroyers are capable of increasing their speed and stopping quicker than any other class. Being long and narrow, they turn rather slowly. Despite their modest size, their turning diameters at top speed can easily compete with those of giant battleships.
  • Battleship: Battleships are the quintessential "heavy hitters" of World of Warships and offer a triple threat to their opponents. Massive firepower coupled with heavy armour make them the deadly juggernauts of the sea. Secondary gun batteries make them a serious threat to smaller vessels, and the many anti-aircraft guns lining their decks offer a tremendous amount of anti-aircraft defence. Despite their clumsiness and large size, battleships are able to accelerate to significant speeds. However, they react slowly and need a lot of time to stop. A battleship captain has to be extremely careful as a quick destroyer can take advantage of this situation.
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  • Aircraft Carrier: Aircraft Carriers are the game's stand-alone, multi-role ship, bringing RTS-style gameplay to the battle. They carry three kinds of aircraft: Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers and Fighter Planes. Each aircraft type plays a specific role and a carrier can have more than one group of aircraft in the air at any one time. Aircraft from a carrier can attack enemy aircraft, scout enemy ships or planes, attack enemy ships directly and escort or cover friendly ships and aircraft. Comparable to battleships in terms of displacement, aircraft carriers nevertheless run faster. Turning significantly reduces the aircraft carriers speed and their rudder shift is slower. As a result, ships of this class can reach a high speed quickly but can’t change their heading very quickly.

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