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  • Diagnosis of God: Lady Steris has No Social Skills by her own admission, exhaustively prepares for social encounters, and loves to memorize facts and lists. Brandon Sanderson confirmed that she's on the autism spectrum.
  • Uplifted Side Story: The Alloy of Law was originally conceived as a standalone spinoff novel set between the Original Trilogy and the upcoming "Era 2" trilogy, but, when it was very well received, Brandon Sanderson expanded the story into the Wax and Wayne tetralogy.
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  • Word of Gay: Sanderson said prior to the book's release that there would be a lesbian character. Afterwards fans guessed it was Ranette. Peter Ahlstrom, Brandon's assistant, confirmed it, and Ranette's appearance in Shadows of Self has her name-drop a girlfriend.
  • Word of God: Many examples.
    • Steris is on the autism spectrum.
    • If Wax held a Shard, his god metal would be named Waxillium.
    • Wayne was the first character conceived for the story.
    • If Wayne was on Roshar, he would become an Edgedancer.
    • The man fought in Nicki Savage's story in the broadsheet of The Bands of Mourning was Nazh.


Ars Arcanum

Metal Quick-Reference Chart
Metal Allomancy Misting Name Feruchemy Ferring Name
Iron Pulls on nearby metals Lurcher Stores physical weight Skimmer
Steel Pushes on nearby metals Coinshot Stores physical speed Steelrunner
Tin Increases senses Tineye Stores senses Windwhisperer
Pewter Increases physical abilities Thug Stores physical strength Brute
Zinc Riots emotions Rioter Stores mental speed Sparker
Brass Soothes emotions Soother Stores warmth Firesoul
Copper Hides Allomancy Smoker Stores memories Archivist
Bronze Hears Allomancy Seeker Stores wakefulness Sentry
Cadmium Slows time Pulser Stores breath Gasper
Bendalloy Speeds time Slider Stores nourishment Subsumer
Gold Reveals past self Augur Stores health Bloodmaker
Electrum Reveals future self Oracle Stores determination Pinnacle
Chromium Wipes target's Allomantic reserves Leecher Stores fortune Spinner
Nicrosil Enhances target's Allomantic burn Nicroburst Stores Investiture Soulbearer
Aluminum Wipes own Allomantic reserves Gnatnote  Stores identity Trueself
Duralumin Enhances own Allomantic burn Gnatnote  Stores connection Connecter

Alternative Title(s): The Mistborn Adventures


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