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Trivia / Unreal Tournament 4

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  • Development Hell: There have been no updates since June 2017. It was believed at first that Epic Games was preparing the game to be pulled out of pre-alpha state right into alpha. However, the sudden success of Fortnite - especially in light of the fact that Epic's other free-to-play shooter, Paragon, saw its playerbase plummet and ended up shut down within six months, with all of its game assets being placed in Epic's own developer marketstore, and that the last UT update came only three months before the release of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode - now have most convinced that Epic has shifted to focus exclusively on it; it was eventually confirmed in September 2018, fifteen months since the last update, that updates are on-hold indefinitely as there are simply not enough hands to spare from Fortnite to continue updating UT.


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