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Many things that were planned for their original games in the Unreal series got recycled for posterior installments. Behold!

Unreal I (to other games)

  • The manual for this game mentions the Rifle having a three-shot burst as an Alternate Fire. This feature was replaced by a zooming feature in the retail game, however the idea was reused in UC2 as one of the many features of its version of the Sniper Rifle.
  • A part of Return to Na Pali is made up of a fraction of maps originally cut from the actual game: the "Nagomi Passage" (a Hub Level), "Velora Temple" (called Aztec in the betas), "Foundry Tarydium Plant" and "Bounds of Foundry" levels, more specifically.
    • The Combat Assault Rifle was also a leftover from those betas.
  • Future Tournament level DM-Gothic was being developed as far as the betas for this game.

Unreal Tournament (to other games)

  • The layout for the UT3 Bonus Pack 1 map CTF-SearchLight came from a scrapped map made for the console versions called CTF-Fortress.
  • Visse's description in the Deathmatch ladder mentions that the female Necris (the "Blademaiden") favor cruelly formed bayonets and energy swords. While the game doesn't feature bayonets, said energy swords were made the melee weapon of the female Necris in UC2.
  • According to Cliff Bleszinski, one of the many ideas the developers were toying with was "Domination, but with two points which both teams would have to control over X seconds". This eventually found its way into Championship and 2003 (and, by extension, 2004) as the Double Domination gametype.
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  • Instead of a remake, the map which was released under the name DM-Deck16][ was going to be a sequel under the name DM-Deck17. This named sequel, however, ended up appearing in 2004, albeit created by a different author (Teddie Tapawan instead of Elliott Cannon, who left Epic Games shortly after Tournament) and with a different theme (instead of a slime storage, a molten magma refinery).
  • According to early developer interviews, the "Head to Head" mode implemented in the Single-player ladder of 2004 was originated in this game.
  • There's an announcer line for a "triple kill" which was probably replaced by the "multi-kill" you get for three kills in a short time. The clip would later be used in 2004 with the "Classic" announcer.
  • The Game of the Year Edition was meant to include an early, mod-like version of Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror. It eventually settled for Chaos: UT and Rocket Arena, with Tactical Ops becoming its own game instead as Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror.
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  • According to a post-mortem released by Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart, there were plans to have true cinematics for the single-player ladder. The final game features flyby sequences where the player and their trophies are displayed. However, future games of the series used indeed matinees/cutscenes for their SP modes, making big deals about their modes.

Unreal Championship/Unreal Tournament 2003 (to other games)

  • DM-Gestalt was being developed originally for Championship under the name DM-Plan1. It finally appeared in 2004.
  • Console map CTF-Smote wasn't ready for 2003, but was finished for the retail version of 2004. The game's version of Smote is even different from the one that eventually shipped in Championship.
  • An early version of BR-Kalendra (future 2003/2004 map BR-IceFields) featured a hoverbike vehicle. This idea would be recycled for UT3 as the Necris Viper vehicle.
  • Near the end of 2003's lifecycle, an "UT Classic" mutator was in the works, which modified the weapons' behaviors so they acted closer like that game's counterparts. It didn't made the cut for the last v2225 patch, however it was a day-1 feature for 2004.
  • A 64-bit version in the form of another patch for 2003 was also in the works, however, while Tim Sweeney back then would declare that the game's code is "99%" 64-bit ready, a 64-bit patch eventually surfaced... for 2004.

Unreal Tournament 2004 (to other games)

  • Vehicle Capture The Flag became a standard game mode in UT3, but it was planned to be featured in 2004, being Dummied Out as it couldn't be finished in time, and no maps shipped with that game that use the VCTF- prefix (and thus are recognized by the game as Vehicle CTF maps). The game mode is hidden in 2004, and not playable in the single-player Tournament. Only by downloading and installing user-made maps for the game mode can you play it.
  • One of the scrapped plans for 2004 included the Spider Mines being able to latch onto a target's head. Such idea was rescued for UT3's Spidermine Trap, which has the mine itself drilling the dead character's head.

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

  • Future UT3 map DM-Diesel started life as a map for this game.


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