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Trivia / Tsurezure Children

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  • The Cast Showoff: Haruka Tomatsu is really allowed to go wild and show off her versatility in voice acting through playing Hotaru.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Katori has "Jojo-senpai" due to his poses and Love Master and/or Dating God for being romance-savvy for the other characters he comes across with.
    • Akagi has "President Smooth" due to his handling of Ryoko.
    • Sunagawa and Toda have the collective nickname of "the bruh couple" due to their Dull Surprise reactions.
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    • Motoyama has earned the nickname "Brotoyama" for being an excellent wingman to Yamane.
    • Minagawa has the nickname "Troll Queen" for her mischievous personality towards both her love interest and his little sister.
  • Trolling Creator: Volume 11's cover features Enomoto and Motoyama at Comiket together, arm in arm. This is the volume where Motoyama is initially planted as Just Friends with Enomoto, by the way, and Wakabayashi admits himself that the audience will find the cover to be completely different in context.


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