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  • Creator Killer: Director Joseph Kahn, a music video director who before the film was expected to emerge as the next Michael Bay, wouldn't make another feature film for seven years after the flop of this film. (And for good measure, that next film of his, the 2011 teen slasher parody Detention, features a strong Take That! to Torque.) Producer Neal Moritz barely managed to make it out in one piece.
  • Star-Derailing Role: Nearly every actor involved saw their careers ruined. Martin Henderson, the then-up-and-coming actor who played the lead role, saw his career reduced to bit parts, straight-to-video films, and a TV show that only lasted one season. Only in 2014, ten years later, did he enjoy a small Career Resurrection, thanks to his starring roles in television. Jamie Pressly somewhat averted it; she had a major role on My Name Is Earl and afterwards got constant appearances on television series, but before this film she had several starring roles on film that notably diminished after this one. The only firm exception seems to be Ice Cube, and even the latter has developed a Rated G for Gangsta reputation since he did the Are We There Yet? films.

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