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Trivia / The Witcher: Game of Imagination

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  • Fan Translation: At least three were started...
    • The one championed by /tg/ managed to get all the rules from the basic sourcebook translated, but without all the fluff and - most importantly - chapter with monsters. It's still the closest thing to full translation, as the game is fully playable even in such incomplete state.
  • Genre Popularizer: While there was a place for tabletop RPGs in Poland for the whole 90s, it was a very small niche, perceived as costly entertainment for well-off nerds and aging hippies. It took The Witcher and the first edition of Wild Fields (based on Sienkiewicz Trilogy) to make RPGs truly popular, as those were Polish games based on Polish media property that happend to be known by just everyone and thus much more familiar than any other setting.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Paper editions of "White Wolf" are becoming more and more rare, since they were printed in relatively small numbers and in fragile magazine format. PDF bootleg version? They are all copies of one and the same scan. Most of the articles published in the defunct "Sword and Sorcery" magazine don't even have scans, so it's all up to people who own certain issues to keep circulating them.
  • No Export for You: There in no other language version than Polish and MAG Publishing House left the tabletop RPG market in 2004, so chances are really low for any export.

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