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  • Trolling Creator: Even in the face of criticism, someguy2000 is cheerfully— some might say smugly— unapologetic about the mods' repeated usage of Teleporting Keycard Squad (which is often combined with Money Sink), which some players find to be a cheap, immersion-breaking tactic.
  • What Could Have Been: Someguy2000 wikia lists a number of projects that someguy thought up, but which never moved into production stages.
    • Just a Courier would've taken place 20 years after New Vegas in a small town in the Great Planes where Marko was laying comatose on his deathbed, his family unaware of the crimes he had committed. Mr. K would've also been featured as the main villain.
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    • Darkest Heart would've been an adaptation of Apocalypse Now taking place in Colorado where the Courier was ordered to hunt down a rogue NCR Colonel fighting his own war against the Legion.
    • Martin's Marines, unlike other examples here, went into production stages and even got a few references in NVB II. The story would've been about about the dealings of the titular mercenary company. The project was killed after someguy's PC broke down in 2011. He had plans to remake it in Fallout 4, but he quickly lost interest to work on the project due to his frustrations with the game and its limited dialogue system.
    • The Return Was a planned adaptation of Anabasis.
    • Winchester '78 was a planned adaptation of Winchester '73.
    • Path of The Ranger was a planned sequel for Russell that would've involved Courier and Russell reforming the Desert Rangers and fighting a Super Mutant army in Mexico.
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    • Groom Lake would've been a nonsensical comedy mod taking place in Area 51 where the Courier would uncover an alien plot to snatch penises.
  • Write What You Know: someguy2000 is a veteran Marine and references to Marine Corps culture shows up in some instances, like with Cocky and Cutter in The Better Angels, the bunker of Shadow Company and the abandoned U.S military base near Frosthills.


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