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YMMV / The Someguy Series

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Bobby Bass. Originally a one-off character in the semi-joke mod New Vegas Killer, his popularity with players led to someguy2000 giving him a small cameo in Bounties III.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: With the generally bleak tone and the numerous references to Cormac McCarthy's works, this is probably the closest Blood Meridian will get to a video game adaptation. Particularly prevalent in Russell and New Vegas Bounties III.
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  • That One Level: The raid of Silverwood at the end of Russell is extremely taxing for the game to run, due to the player fighting upwards of 100 legionaries in waves. Because of this, the game often crashes or is taxed to the point of breaking the script and making further progress impossible, meaning it can be difficult for the player to properly complete without using console commands.


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