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Trivia / The Simpsons S 6 E 3 Another Simpsons Clip Show

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  • Alan Smithee: The episode is credited to "Penny Wise" as the real writernote  didn't want to be credited for writing a clip show. The following year's clip show ("The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular") went one better by also crediting the director as "Pound Foolish".
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  • Blooper: If you look at the production code on this episode's closing credits, you'll notice one of the 3s is misaligned. Allegedly the episode was originally produced (and possibly even broadcast) with a misspelled production code of "2FF33", and this was a quick fix.
  • Creator Backlash: Going by the content of the DVD Commentary, the staff thought the episode was a bore-fest (much like most of the audience), which is why they chose to talk about how a Simpsons episode is typically made.
  • DVD Commentary: From the basis of the commentary, the writers don't think much of this episode. Seeing as they're stuck with almost nothing to talk about, so they instead take viewers through the process of how an episode is created, from beginning to end. After the full elaboration of all the work done by a ton of people, David Mirkin notes that the very final step is when the fans declare it the worst episode ever (even if it's one of the good ones).

General Trivia

  • Until "Treehouse Of Horror XXIV" in Season 25, this would the only time in the show's history (not counting the movie) to have two of the show's primary animation studios - AKOM and Rough Draft Studios in this case - credited for the same episode due to the footage. This also serves as the only clip show to credit more than one studio, with the others (including the previous one) opting to only credit the studio responsible for the wraparound segments.


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