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Trivia / The Puzzle Place

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  • The Other Darrin:
    • Jody had no less than three performers over the course of the series: Alison Mork in Season 1, Stephanie D'Abruzzo in Season 2, and Terri Hardin in Season 3.
    • Due to Peter Linz's commitments with Bear in the Big Blue House, Skye and Nuzzle were performed by Matt Vogel for Season 3.
    • Kyle was both puppeteered and voiced by Drew Massey in his first appearance, but puppeteered by Allan Trautman and voiced by Terri Hardin in his second.
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  • What Could Have Been: Some of the characters' names were changed before the show's premiere: Ben and Jody were originally named "Max" and "Jazzy," while Leon's last name was "Devon" and Skye's was "Blazing Star."
  • Working Title: As seen in this early press release, among others, the show was originally going to be named The Puzzle Factory, and then The Puzzle Works in the show's pilot, before the final title was settled on.

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