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Trivia / The Langoliers

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  • Creator Cameo: Stephen King plays the director of the board meeting Toomy was supposed to attend, in a hallucination toward the end.
  • Fake American: Kate Maberly (Dinah) is actually British.
  • Playing Against Type: Before this movie, Bronson Pinchot was known for playing quirky comedic characters. Then he played the psychotic Craig Toomy... though in a quirky comedic way.
  • Technology Marches On: Laurel Stevenson's reason for booking an expensive flight from Los Angeles to Boston is to meet a guy she's never actually met in person but corresponded with through a personal ad in a magazine. The story was written in 1990, so this was plausible at the time, but Laurel's gullibility aside (which she admits to), the internet and webcams have made this plot thread rather dated.


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