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Trivia / The Evil Queen

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  • Inspiration for the Work: Vivvav based Makoto's Big Bad characterization on the Iron Lady interpretation he gave her in his early fanfic, The Amamiya Investigation. Only now, Cranked Up To Eleven.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In a case of Creator Breakdown, author Vivvav mentioned that writing the story was so draining he decided to abort continuing it past Makoto's Palace. Similarly, Akira and Makoto were eventually meant to become a legitimate pairing, like in Vivvav's other works, but he begrudgingly admitted that he pushed Makoto as the Big Bad too far to realistically portray it.
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    • A bonus chapter at the end reveals several unused concepts for further story arcs.
      • The second Arc Villain would have been Mitsuyo Togo. Yusuke (who in this version has already escaped Madarame thanks to Akechi) tips the heroes off to her abuse of Hifumi, who joins the Phantom Heroes as Wolf (with Madame Chiang as her Persona).
      • The third Arc Villain would have been the SIU Director, who intends to bump off Sae after she gets too close to Kaneshiro and risks exposing his own dirty secrets. Makoto and Ryuji would serve as Guest Star Party Members for this arc.
      • The fourth Arc Villain would have possibly been Yuuki Mishima, who has gotten drunk on his influence as the founder of the Phan-site.
      • The sixth Arc Villain would have been Mitsuru Kirijo, consumed by the desire to arrest the Phantom Heroes. Shinjiro (who survived Persona 3 in a FeMC run) would join the party.
      • The Final Boss would have been Masayoshi Shido.

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