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Trivia / The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

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  • Acclaimed Flop: It did very well with critics but failed at the box office.
  • Actor-Inspired Element: The movie was originally set in New York, but Nicolas Cage changed the setting to New Orleans in order to help them after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Eva Mendes has said that Werner Herzog is one of her favorite film makers.
  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $25 million. Box office, $10,589,102. Its widest release was only 96 theaters. It was well received critically though.
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  • Half-Remembered Homage: The film is a re-imagining of Bad Lieutenant, but Werner Herzog claims to have never seen the original.
    "I haven't seen it, so I can't compare it. It has nothing to do with it." —Werner Herzog at the 81st Academy Awards
    "I've never seen a film by him. I have no idea who he is." —Werner Herzog again, in response to Abel Ferrara denouncing everyone involved in Port of Call New Orleans
  • Throw It In: Werner Herzog spotted an iguana in a tree during shooting and immediately decided there should be a couple in the film. One of them bit him while filming the close-up shots, much to the whole crew's amusement.


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