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Trivia / Tales of Bleach: Unreal Society

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  • Overshadowed by Awesome: The author's other fic with its own page, Soul Chess, is more well written and more awesome. It also, despite having been crafted after this series, got its page first and has many more entries and even a character page. The author also works on Soul Chess more frequently.
  • Throw It In!: When typing the 28th chapter of Unreal Society the author forgot momentarily that Raine was speaking in one of her lines and had her call Byakuya by his given name in her dialogue. He was about to correct it, but decided to work with it instead further cementing the pairing's status.
  • Several of the Original Characters in Blades of Destiny debuted in the author's other work Soul Chess.
    • Mari Akari debuted in Soul Chess first. There she is actually a protagonist and is the first captain to Lelouch.
    • Yuna Homura appears alongside Mari with her own Bankai and she appears in Blades Of Destiny as she does in her initial Soul Chess appearance with the same Undying Loyalty to Mari. She has a much larger role in Soul Chess than she does in Blades of Destiny.
    • Naomi Libra debuted in Blades of Destiny first. In Soul Chess she winds up evolving out of her ditzy, airheaded personality.
    • Kasumi appeared in Blades of Destiny first. In Soul Chess she is a major villain. She also is not Nemu's daughter, but rather another OC, but she is still Talbumosuke's daughter. Of course, knowing that is spoiler for Soul Chess. Her backstory is considered a very spoiler heavy event in Soul Chess so putting it here would be rather rude. Let's just say it's NSFW and call it a day.
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    • Talbumosuke Atrumier appeared in Bldes of Destiny first, but he's no slouch in Soul Chess either. He is also Aizen's Apprentice, but his Zanpakuto is way different across both incarnations. In fact his Zanpakuto in Soul Chess is more attuned to his God mode in the Alternate Universe he created where he is the Elder God of Time and Space.
    • Yosei Samakura appeared in Blades of Destiny first. His role in Soul Chess is much less significant.
    • May Stowa's role in Soul Chess is even less significant than Yosei's
    • Stefan Lusca and Kendra Otmachi both appeared in Soul Chess first. They are relatively the same across both incarnations.
    • Yachiru Hekira appears in Blades of Destiny first. In Soul Chess she is a Post Humous Character only showing up in one flashback.
    • Treva Hoshima appeared in Soul Chess first too. He is a cliche villain and the Man Behind the Man regarding Aizen.

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