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Awesome / Tales of Bleach: Unreal Society

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  • Izuru's Mystic Arte is Big Bang
  • The Symphonia cast taking out Rodyle without any assistance from the Bleach cast. Made even more awesome by the fight ending with Presea's Mystic Arte.
  • Ichigo's rematch with Kenpachi.
  • Kratos using Shining Bind on Forcystus.
  • Byakuya murdering the Pope. Considering he gets away in the game this scene is very satisfying.
    • And right before that is Presea killing Vharley done with much gorier details than shown in the game.
  • Pronyma Vs Orihime. It is not a Curb-Stomp Battle and it is awesome because it's Orihime.
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  • Genis defeats Mithos with Indignation Judgment.
  • The battle between Lloyd and Kratos in the Torrent Forest. All of it. Words cannot express the reasons it deserves to be here.
  • Ichigo, Lloyd, and Sheena's combined attack to defeat Origin.
    • Right before that, learning that Colette's Holy Judgment, y'know when she flubs her spell and it combines two of her angel skills, is the same as Martel's.
  • Kratos wielding Excalibur after giving Lloyd Flamberge. The sword in the stone mythos is even used.
  • It was already awesome after she was revived that Pronyma would make a Heel–Face Turn, but when Mithos is shown to be Not Quite Dead and possesses Colette's body, Pronyma still outright defies him.
    Pronyma: I can't believe I would ever utter this sentence, but let the chosen go at once!
  • Ichigo being able to use the Final Getsuga Tensho again and NOT lose his powers.
  • The person to ultimately beat Mithos' final form is Soifon. She uses her Bankai to do it.
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  • Mithos' decision to make a Heel–Face Turn. After he is revived by Orihime he is indifferent about Lloyd and the others' attempts saying that he simply won't interefere. However, after he bears witness to Lloyd's undying will with fresh eyes he changes his mind and summons Maxwell to help Lloyd and Colette revive the Giant Kharlan tree.
    Mithos: Just because I have not been acting like a hero does not mean I don't know how.
  • Sheena marking her territory , Ichigo, to Alice is this.
  • Regal's White Dragon attack.
  • Kratos telling Brute that his methods are no different from the terrorism of the Desians. It's awesome cause it's Kratos.
  • Emil Vs Brute. No words can properly describe it or its awesomeness.
  • Orihime laying some serious smackdown to Mayuri, even executing Shining bind. She seems to have upgraded to Martial Pacifist.
  • Chapter 26 of Blades of Destiny when the battle in Hueco Mundo begins. Most notably:
  • The epic confrontation between Ichigo and Grimmjow in chapter 27 of Blades of Destiny.

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