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Heartwarming / Tales of Bleach: Unreal Society

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  • For the Hitsu Hina fandom The part in chapter 27 of Unreal Society when Momo calls Hitsugaya her hero is one of these.
  • In chapter 28 of Unreal Society, which is the start of the second disc, Orihime uses her Soten Kisshun to restore the Sages' house after it was burned by the Desians in the beginning.
  • The end of chapter 28 with a little something extra added onto the conversation between Lloyd and Colette at that point in the story even if Colette is the closest to Lloyd.
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  • Despite being older biologically, Presea saying that she considers Ichigo and Orihime like a big brother and sister to her is this.
  • Can also double as a Moment of Awesome, but Orihime fixing Virginia's mind with Soten Kisshun definitely counts.
  • The flashback that shows how Yggdrasil and Pronyma first met.
  • The end of Unreal Society, doubling as a tear jerker. The world exists. Everything did have a purpose. Ichigo and Sheena's reunion at the very end, in great homage to the Good Ending in the sequel is the cake toper of this moment
  • In chapter 12 Ichigo says to Kratos that he has no idea how he'll prove that Ratatosk won't destroy the world only to add that Lloyd really had no idea what he was doing when he did his journey either. It's because this is Ichigo that we're talking about and how nice of a tie in it is to the first game/fic that its a good example.
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  • In the sequel when Ichigo and Sheena reunite.
  • Chapter 19 of Return of the Samurai when Sheena starts having all her flashbacks.
  • In Return of the Samurai, after Lloyd finally joins the group Colette says to him Welcome Back.
  • Colette crying out in Blades of Destiny on the verge of rape: "My first time will be with Lloyd!"
  • Again, doubling as a Tear Jerker, Pronyma's reunion with Kiku is most definitely this.
  • A heartwarming father/son moment in Blades of Destiny between Lloyd and Kratos in chapter 26.
  • The time Ichigo gets to spend with Masaki in the Alternate Universe.

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