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Heartwarming / Tales Of Fate

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For a very dramatic, serious and sometimes dark Fanfic, Tales of Fate still manages to have it's tender moments. Most of them moments shared between Drake and Yang.


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    The Secrets One Holds 
  • After getting into an argument with Blake about the White Fang, Drake leaves in a huff and falls asleep under the shade of a tree. When he comes to, Yang has found him but instead of waking him up, decided to let him use her lap as a pillow
    • She states that many would want to be in his position, to which Drake replies, "I'm not many".
    • Drake eventually gives in and continues to rest on Yang's lap
      • Yang helps Drake open up and explain the reason behind his hatred for the White Fang, almost bringing him to tears

     The Weakest Link 
  • After being sleep deprived for three days, Drake heads to his favorite bar, but is trailed by Yang
    • He ends up telling her about the relationship he had with his brother and how much of an impact he had in his life
    • After hearing Yang give him helpful advice, Drake laughs, reminiscing his brother before giving Yang a sincere "thank you".
      • Then... they Almost Kiss, if not for the ringing of Yang's scroll.

     Calm Before the Storm 
  • During the big ball, Drake dances not only with Yang, but also with Weiss and Cinder Fall.
    • Out of the three of them, it was with Yang that Drake felt 100% comfortable, never breaking eye-contact with her and even losing himself in her eyes.

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