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Heartwarming / A Tale of Transmigration

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  • Taylor Taking the Bullet for Tattletale, who immediately goes to help her.
  • Taylor and Sara's Sleep Cute in Chapter 12 and 16.
  • Danny and Miss Militia are dating by Chapter 14.2
  • Taylor's apology to Kid Win in Chapter 16. She reveals that she's a reincarnate and she's sorry for everything she did to him. He accepts immediately.
  • About ten years ago, Lauren Reed was 5-years old and her parents left her behind while Khepri was doing her Endbringer thing. The Endbringer played tea party with her and even created a clone of her favorite hero to keep her company, while the heroes went along with the charade long enough to get her off the battlefield.
    • Interlude 16b: Khepri saves a woman and prevents her shard from twisting her power into something ugly, instead having it heal her as it triggers and gives her a healing power.

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