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Trivia / Tails Gets Trolled

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  • Approval of God: Whynne, the creator of the famous Troll Face, is fond of how Lazorbot uses it in his comics.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: The infamous panel where Kermit the Frog chastises Tails for his inability to listen. Most of the time when it gets posted on the internet, it actually omits the last part of the dialogue, making it seem like Kermit is legitimately losing his patience. With the last part of the dialogue intact, it's clear that Kermit was actually only pretending to lose his patience in order to test Tails.
Kermit: have you ever been bitch slapped for lack of listening? lack of doing what your told? cuz im not far from slapping you, see what I did wrong there?
  • Teasing Creator: Lazerbot, all the time. The most glorious example was his fake killing of Rob, the guy with no ears - what followed was a text-only panel where Lazerbot explained that basically no one is safe, fan-favorite or not. The very next page, Rob is alive and well, commenting that he needs to be careful or that dream he just had would happen for real.

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