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All, or most of the Trolls are Armoured Closet Gay
They use gay as an insult to hide the truth from themselves. The Red Haired troll in particular was calling sonic a faggot and telling him that he likes to take his girlfriend's mayo in his face, but when Sonic went berserk and killed his friend, he revealed that he loved his friend.

There's more to Emo Troll/Alex than meets the eye
I just find it interesting that he mentioned twice that someone was more fucked up than his group was
  • The fact that Lazerbot himself views Alex as his favorite villain might add some credence to this WMG.
Trollface might end up as the Big Bad
He's clearly more unsympathetic than his father, threatening to rape anything he can

Rob, the guy with no ears will be revealed to know the endgame shouts
This includes the Call Dragon Shout
  • Perhaps he'll have a Trollrend shout?

Hello Kitty might end up as our hero's potential love interest
She did think he was cute, and she did talk to him some more long after her training was done

Pac Man might somehow be responsible for defeating that other Dragonborn guy
Some sort of irony for being lazy and not searching for him more in the past

Shadow and Alex/Emo Troll are somehow related
Just look at their hair colors

Dexter's reason for joining the Defenders was because of Deedee's trolling
One day he finally got sick of it and decided to do something about it.

The entire story will turn out to be one of Tails' dreams

Alternatively, the entire thing is a play and the characters are all actors

Kirby will make a reappearance
Donkey Kong appeared long after that three way gag, so why not.

Ronald McDonald's Berserk Button is being called crazy and he is aware of it
Whenever Tails called him crazy, he explicitly stated how Tails should be careful about what he says and how it can affect other people, while he chokes him. After being beat up, Ronald McDonald breaks down in front of Pac-Man and states how he messed up. This could make him a Jerkass Woobie.

Hello Kitty is pregnant with her and Tails' baby, whom Cheeto Man will use as a replacement for Tails!
Cheeto Man seemed fairly dead-set on training Tails and making him a member of the Defenders, but now that Tails has left the Defenders, Cheeto Man would be willing to take the next best thing and make that child into a Tyke Bomb.

Ronald McDonald wants to overthrow Cheeto Man.
Considering how Cheeto Man was planning on replacing Ronald McDonald with Tails, that Ronald McDonald takes pleasure in seeing Tails squirm and never really liked Tails to begin with, it wouldn't be all that surprising if Ronald McDonald will eventually attempt to kill Cheeto Man and become the new leader of the Defenders.

Alex/Emo Troll is secretly a woman.
He has a unisex name and a feminine appearance, and looked shocked and slightly offended when Silver mentioned how he hadn't seen a single female troll in the entire group.
  • Alternatively, he could be FtM transgender.

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